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FrontWires is an informative blog that gives readers in-depth coverage of everything related to building and optimizing a personal computer for gaming, has acquired The official acquisition date is March 25, 2022.

FrontWires’ primary goal is to help you find the best components for your gaming rig by doing research and providing reviews of all things related to PCs.., one of the first businesses covering the range of topics including laptops, tablets, cameras, drones, tech gadgets, headphones, computer accessories, software, and other electronics was started in 2020 by Justin Silva.


This blog provides unbiased, informational, and genuine tech product reviews to people so that they can make smart purchases.

Techfoos’ goal was to become a website that people turn to when they are about to buy a tech product whether it is a simple mouse, a keyboard, a treadmill, or as technical a product as a motherboard; we got you covered.

About FrontWires

When having help in technological matters, excellence is something that all our clients want to have because we make sure to provide a quality previously seen in the assistance we provide. The reviews we carry out are associated with games, rams, motherboards, SSD, CPU, and any other type of complete that is part of a computer.

Justin, founder of FrontWires shares the following about this acquisition: was a resource I personally read when I a gaming PC for my brother. It was the go-to resource for me. We are extremely excited to acquire the business.

Justin D Silva, founder of FrontWires

We also acquire the domain.

We Deliver Valuable Information Which Helps You To Get Gaming Gear Such As PC, monitors, Graphics Card, Etc.


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