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[Top 7] Best AMD Graphics Card – Review and Comparison

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A graphics card is also called VGA card or video card. It is an element that allows a computer (pc or desktop) to display scanned information in graphical information. This information will then be displayed on the PC screen . Currently, the world has 3 major graphics card manufacturers . Among these brands, we find the AMD brand . It is an American company that was born in 1969. It was founded by engineers from Fairchild Semiconductor. This brand has 5 models of graphics cards to its credit, including Eyefinity, LiquidVR, Freesync, VSR and the latest: Radeon.

AMD cards are known to be powerful, especially the Radeon model which manages to compete perfectly with the GeForce model from its competitor Nvidia . These cards are therefore suitable for supporting video editing, gaming and even professional 3D creation and the field of architecture. Since it is a quality model, using it or exploiting its capacities to the maximum is not easy to do. Therefore, we offer you a guide and some tips on AMD graphics cards .

Comparison of the best AMD graphics cards

1 MSI RX6500XT

The MSI brand is well known in the field of graphics card design. Among the wide range of models offered by the brand is the RX 570 Armor. It is one of the models that have a RAM of 8 GB. The GPU is AMD type with a frequency of 1268 Mhz. The bus memory of this model is 256 bit. When it comes to versatility, this card is easily supported by Windows and Linux operating systems. Connectivity level, it has a PCI Express 16 3.0 type interface with 1 HDMI port, 1 DVD port and 3 display ports. In terms of design, it incorporates 2 fans to guarantee active and efficient cooling. It also has an ATX format element.


The GPU of the card is AMD type

GPU clock is 1268 Mhz

RAM size is 8GB

  • Cut24.6 x 13 x 3.9cm
  • Weight621 grams
  • MarkMSI
  • With this card, all games are in high definition
  • This card is a high-end version that heats very little
  • It can replace an R7 370 with better value for money
  • The card meets all the criteria of choice except perhaps at the level of the price

2 XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition

This RX-580P8DFD6 graphics card from XFX is a model that has 8GB of memory. With an AMD type processor, this card is part of the most efficient range. The GPU is Radeon type with a frequency of 1366 Mhz. It is supported by many operating systems including Windows and Linux. In terms of power, the minimum supported power supply is 450 W. In terms of design, it has an elegant look with its black color set. It also incorporates 2 fans which are highly efficient to ensure rapid cooling of the processor.


The GPU of the card is Radeon type

GPU clock is 1366 Mhz

RAM size is 8GB

  • Cut27 x 4 x 12.4cm
  • Weight1.13kg
  • MarkXFX
  • This card includes the 4th generation of graphics cores
  • This card offers excellent resolution even for 4k gaming
  • The card does not heat up and is particularly silent
  • The cooling is slightly spoiled because of the aluminum radiator

3 XFX AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB

Here is the RX-550P4SFG5 graphics card from XFX. This model is an overclock version with an AMD processor with a frequency of 1203 MHz. The RAM size is 4GB and the GPU is Radeon type. This model, like the large range of graphics cards offered by XFX, is designed with the Polaris architecture. Thus, it will be able to adapt well to the next generations and technologies. This card is perfect for both professional use and gaming. It offers high definition resolution, guaranteeing you complete immersion. In terms of connectivity, it has a PCI-Express 3.0 connector and a PCIE x 16 type computer interface. In terms of design, the card incorporates a fan which, according to users, is an almost unforgivable downside. However,


The GPU is radeon type

Processor speed is 1203 Mhz

RAM capacity is 4GB

  • Cut17 x 4 x 12.1cm
  • Weight907 grams
  • MarkXFX
  • This card is perfect for professional use
  • The management of the fan is very precise, which makes it discreet
  • Even if the card does not fully run an online gaming session, it still offers good quality in terms of resolution
  • The card is a bit noisy

4 Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 580 Graphics Card

We present to you the Saphire Nitro+ graphics card. It has a RAM of 8GB with an ATA interface. The GPU is Radeon RX 580 type and the processor is 2000 MHz frequency. Regarding the clock frequency, it is 1257 Mhz. This card integrates a polaris 20 XTX chip, which makes it easy to adapt to the evolution of PC technology. In terms of resolution, it is 1440 pixels, which turns out to be quite average for gaming. Nevertheless, amateur gamers will have the opportunity to see clearly in each game. Thus, the immersion will be at the rendezvous. This card is compatible with DirectX3D and Open GL.


Graphics card RAM is 256 MB

The GPU is Radeon RX 580

RAM capacity is 8GB

  • Cut26 x 13.5 x 43cm
  • Weight700 grams0
  • MarkSapphire Nitro+
  • This high-end graphics card has a very good price-performance ratio
  • It is perfect for games with advanced settings such as Farcry 5, assassin’s creed…
  • The 2 fans with which it is equipped ensure efficient cooling
  • The price is considered high

5 XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX

The graphics card that we present to you here is a model that is part of the large family of the XFX brand. This is the RX 570P8DFD6 board. The family graphics processor of this device is an AMD processor. The main graphics processor is of the Radeon Rx 570 type. The memory of this card is 8GB and that of the adapter is of the GDDR5 type. In terms of power, the processor frequency is 1286 Mhz while that of the memory is 7000 MHz. As for the bus memory, it is 256 bit. With this card, you can enjoy a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. As far as connectivity is concerned, this model has 3 Display ports, a DVD port and an HDMI port.


The GPU is radeonRX 570

Processor speed is 1286 Mhz

RAM capacity is 8GB

  • Cut24.3 x 4 x 12.4cm
  • Weight907grams
  • MarkXFX
  • The active cooling of this device is guaranteed by 2 fans, which allows you to enjoy a long gaming session
  • This card allows to play in high tech and 4k
  • The design is sober and the AMD technology is just up to all expectations
  • The noisy reset card even

6 XFX RX-570P4DFD6 AMD Radeon RX 570 Graphics Card

Still in the gem of XFX, we present to you the RX-570P4DF6 graphics card. This is a graphics card with 8GB GDDR5 type memory. Red and black in color, this graphics card has an AMD brand processor. The size of the RAM is 4GB and GPU is Radeon type with a frequency of 1264 Mhz. Regarding the compatibility of this model, you will be able to install it without problems with a 4K and a VR.


The GPU of the card is Radeon type

The processor is from AMD

RAM capacity is 4GB

  • Cut24.3 x 4 x 12.4cm
  • Weight907 grams
  • BrandsXFX
  • This card proves to be perfect not only for professional use but also for playing video games.
  • Demonstrating versatility, it is easily recognized by an operating system under windows 10 or linux
  • It optimizes the acceleration of certain calculations and various software that previous models could not succeed
  • Although powerful, it only has a single HDMI port

7 XFX Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB

Here is the RX-VEGTBFX6 graphics card from the XFX brand. If you want to boost your gaming performance or make professional drawings from your PC, it will be the must have item. This AMD brand graphics card has 8GB of RAM and includes a Radeon GPU. The GPU frequency is 1546 Mhz. The processor speed, meanwhile, is 1247 Mhz. It includes 3 display video output sockets and 1 HDMI output. With this model, the resolution is high definition in order to allow you to benefit from excellent visual comfort.


The GPU is Radeon type

Processor speed is 1247 Mhz

RAM capacity is 8GB

  • Cut28.2 x 4 x 13cm
  • Weight1.36kg
  • MarkXFX
  • The resolution is high which can enjoy excellent visual effect
  • The cooling is substantial thanks to the fans. Especially since the device does not heat up even during the most intense kids’ sessions.
  • Even if the cooling is active, the card remains silent
  • Many gamers consider it still noisy


Everything you need to know about the AMD brand

AMD is a brand that is constantly improving its offerings as well as the quality of its graphics cards, as it and Nvidia compete for the title of first power in this field. With an AMD card, however, you have the possibility of exploring various horizons. In addition, compared to its competitor, its models are more affordable. It therefore offers cards with a good value for money. When buying an AMD graphics card , you must have basic knowledge of how to use it, if you want to benefit from the advantages of these quality models. Therefore, we have some tips for you on how to exploit and use an AMD graphics card.

1 Choosing the right power cables

AMD graphics cards are certainly known for being of high quality and sold at a very affordable price, however, they consume a lot of energy. In addition, since the PCs that adopt them are generally computers with powerful processors , the PC as a whole becomes really energy-intensive. If the computer does not support the power of the graphics card and the processor and if it does not have a cooler, it may overheat, slow down and stop working. In order to allow a pc to use an AMD graphics card , you have to know how to choose the power cable that will support everything. An AMD graphics card can generate a power consumption between 40 and 400 Watts.

2 Perform AMD graphics card driver update frequently

When you use an AMD graphics card , you should know that it has a driver. This driver connects the graphics card, motherboard and device. This software also ensures the compatibility of the card with other elements of the PC, such as the games installed on the computer for example. As technology evolves, so do games, video editing and more. In order to allow the graphics card and the pc to support new technologies, it is necessary to update the card frequently. Some AMD graphics cards have an automatic driver update application, but you can also download updates from the brand’s website.

3 ADM FreeSync

AMD FreeSync is a system that gives the graphics card for gaming the possibility of improving the refresh rate of images, the quality of the display and the response time. This will allow to have quality displays and images, not jerky, not torn and a responsive display. This kind of system can be found for example in the Radeon RX models . However, this system is only compatible with specific monitors that have a Full HD resolution, an IPS panel, etc. It is generally the gaming screens that have the capacity to support AMD FreeSync. If you want to have a pc with an AMD graphics card with this system, you have to check the pc monitor.

graphics card brands

AMD is a very good brand of graphics card as well as processor. But gamers will tell you, there are plenty of other GPU brands out there. Here is a selection:

Nvidia QuadroIntel hd graphics 620AMD Radeon r7
Nvidia Geforce GTXIntel hd graphics 5500amd radeon r5
Nvidia GeForce GT 730Intel hd graphics 520AMD Radeon r2

Choose your GPU between RTX and GTX

RTX technologyGTX technology
RTX 3090 graphics cardGTX 1050 TI graphics card
RTX 3080 graphics cardGTX 1060 graphics card
RTX 3070 graphics cardGTX 1070 graphics card
RTX 3060 graphics cardGTX 1070 Ti graphics card
RTX 2080 graphics cardGTX 1080 graphics card
RTX 2070 graphics cardGTX 1080 Ti graphics card
RTX 2060 graphics card 

FAQ: All about AMD graphics cards

Between Nvidia and AMD, which one to choose to have a good graphics card?

Nvidia and AMD are almost the same. Each of these brands offer graphics cards and have different models in their collections. For the moment, they are on the same destale footing regarding the quality of their offers. If Nvidia offers high-end graphics cards, these models are quite expensive compared to those from AMD which are mid-range, quite powerful but affordable. The choice between these two brands therefore generally depends on the budget of each person. Afterwards, as seen a little above, there are also compatibility and driver issues that you need to know before choosing between these two brands.

When buying a graphics card, what are the criteria to take into account?

We know that a graphics card is chosen for this performance and its power. However, the purchase should not be based on these points alone, as there are other criteria to be evaluated when ordering. A graphics card generally has a fan to cool the system. The more powerful the card, the faster the fans will spin in order to cool the pc. This can, however, cause a disturbing hissing noise. It is therefore necessary to try to find a discrete card. Otherwise, there is also the energy consumption that must be studied precisely when buying an AMD graphics card . Since a PC is used all day long, it is best to choose a less energy-consuming graphics card. You also have to be careful if you are looking for aexternal graphics card or GPU for your mac . 

If the AMD graphics card does not have an automatic driver update, how to update the card.

Since AMD graphics card drivers must be updated frequently so that they can support modern applications and other elements, the brand offers updates available on its site. You therefore have the possibility of having new drivers by going to AMD.com. The brand frequently releases drivers to allow users to fully utilize graphics cards without problems. For the Ryzen model for example, a monthly driver update is released on AMD.com. Otherwise, it is also possible to download the drivers via Windows.

Do all graphics cards have coolers.

A pc that needs a cooler is a pc that is used at full power for hours. Among the list, we find gaming PCs, professional PCs and multimedia PCs. The cooler will be used to cool the AMD processor and graphics card . Thanks to this element, the computer will be able to continue to work without problems, slowdowns, bugs and other inconveniences. A graphics card does not necessarily have a cooler. When purchasing, if your card does not have one, you must use an external, removable cooler to prevent overheating. Pc coolers are plentiful and easy to find and are also affordable.

How much does an AMD graphics card cost?

There are several kinds of AMD graphics card. The brand has manufactured 5 ranges in all. The price of a graphics card generally depends on its power and the elements it contains. There are also the advantages and disadvantages of the card that contribute to the price of the latter. Then there is compatibility with monitors and PCs. Otherwise, there is in the meantime the practical side of the card such as the technology it has, its weight, its size, etc. In any case, AMD graphics cards are recognized as being the cheapest sold in the market. So you have the opportunity to find one at the best price. They generally cost between 130€ and 700€ . You can find a card for less than 300 euros, even for less than 150 euros . 

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