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Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

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As compared to TV, gaming monitor for PS4 can deliver an exceptional experience to the player with its exquisite qualities. Monitors are almost always better in terms of visual quality than televisions. It is for that reason that many prefer to choose a gaming monitor as compared to a TV for consoles.

Released in 2013, Xbox One and PS4 have played a pivotal role in supplying the gamers of today with entertainment. These consoles are not just gaming machines, but an entire entertainment system. A good gaming monitor is; therefore, a must for your to enjoy these consoles to the fullest.

Other than the console itself, the next most valuable tool in your overall experience is a good gaming monitor. Your gaming experience depends on the size, responsiveness, and quality of your screen. These all factors rely on the fact that you have a certain budget at hand. The good news about PS4 gaming monitor is that they are much cheaper than hardcore PC gaming counterparts.

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Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

So now that you have a clear insight of how to identify a good monitor for your PS4, let’s take a look at some of the best monitors for your console gaming. Digging in depth of these monitors, we bring you their characteristics verified by numerous sources including Amazon reviews. Let’s get started!


One of the biggest reasons why people choose to go for consoles over PCs is because they can kick back and relax on their couch while playing their game. However, if you want to get a small monitor, then that luxury is taken away from you.

This is a 32-inch monitor that large enough for comfortable gaming experience from a distance. Also contrary to what you might expect, this is a relatively cheap monitor. In fact, it is cheaper than many 27-inch monitors out there.

This is an FHD monitor that boasts an IPS panel, VESA mounting holes and a plethora of connectivity options.

BenQ RL2755 Monitor

A bit expensive for a console gaming monitor; however, this big screen monitor is the best in this category. Having a 27” screen size with a response time of 1 ms, you can’t ask for. This monitor isn’t just limited to games; you can use it for so much more.

This monitor comes with BenQ’s Black equalizer and other technologies in improving your overall experience. The console game mode enhances the experience altogether.

This monitor gives you the option to connect multiple devices thanks to the 2 HDMI ports. The blue low light technology brings comfort to the eyes of gamers undergoing a long session. This monitor is a complete package for gamers with its huge screen and exceptional qualities.

ASUS VS248H-P Monitor

When it comes to buying a Gaming Monitor for PS4, you really need to decide on a budget. The thing is, if you have already spent on your console, you will most likely want to go for a monitor that is cheap yet delivers adequately. Well, that is where this monitor comes in.

This is one of the cheapest quality monitors in the market that has a fast response and a good range of connectivity options. Suiting your budget, the ASUS VS248H-P is there to put an end to your search for its low price. This monitor offers HDMI, D-Sub and DVI-D ports for connecting not just to the console, but also to other devices.

The ASUS VS248H-P monitor is here to fit your budget without letting you compromise on the quality of your game. This is one of the longest surviving monitors for gaming. Many PC gamers enjoy having it, but it is excellent for PS4 nonetheless.

ASUS VG248QE Monitor

This monitor, hands down, is one of the most famous gaming monitors to date. For PC gaming, this is the best budget gaming monitor to go for. However, with a price tag like this, we will also recommend it to be used for PS4 gaming.

This monitor is not your ordinary screen. It not only has a fast response time, it also has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. We know that PS4 does not utilize more than 60 Hz of refresh rate, but this feature will come in handy when you connect it to a PC.

Furthermore, this monitor offers built-in speakers, fully adjustable stand and a vast array of connectivity options. Should you choose to PC game on this monitor, this monitor even has the capability to get a NVIDIA 3D kit  installed. This would practically turn this display into a 3D gaming monitor.

AOC i2777fq Monitor

If you are looking for an IPS 27 inch gaming monitor for PS4, then look no further. This is the best screen that money can buy. Most of the gaming monitor for PS4, as you may have already realized, are TN panel monitor. This is one rare monitor that features an IPS panel.

IPS panel has excellent colors and viewing angles. It suffers from marginally slower response times as compared to TN panels; however, the difference is negligible.

Like any good monitor, this monitor has a vast array of connectivity options. One of the biggest attractions of this monitor is its almost frameless look. It adds so much beauty to this display.

BenQ RL2455HM Monitor



BenQ and gaming are synonymous. It is for this reasons that you will find BenQ monitors highlighted in any list about gaming. BenQ manufactures screen for all sorts of gamers. They make screens for RTS players, FPS players, etc.

This is a monitor that is made specifically for console gamers. It has Black eQualizer, Flicker-Free Technology and a very a fast response time.

Portable Monitor for PS4

Are You Looking for Best Portable Monitor for PS4 and Xbox One?

Portable monitors for PS4 are an entirely different story. They are not your average portable monitors. They are an entirely different breed of monitors. They are not USB powered as they connect to PS4 or Xbox One using HDMI port.  These portable gaming monitors are also called HDMI portable monitors.

Now basically there are three types of portable monitors for PS4. There are the slim stand alone ones that look almost exactly like USB powered monitors. An example of this one would be GAEMS M155.

They are slim and very thin at about 0.6 inches. In fact, this particular monitor is perhaps the best slimmest portable gaming monitor for PS4.


The only drawback of this monitor is that it only has a resolution of 720p which is less than the 1080p resolution that PS4 can support. Other than that, it is perfect for gaming on the go.

You also need to remember that this is a small monitor. If you are used to gaming on your large TV screen, then you will feel a bit uncomfortable using a smaller screen. You will be required to sit close to the screen to enjoy the game.

The other type of portable monitor for PS4 and Xbox One is called the gaming environment. They are large bags with everything you need. The pioneer in this gadget is also GAEMS.

GAEMS Vanguard

Personal Gaming Environment for PS4 and XBOX ONE


This is one of the best portable monitors for your PS4 or Xbox One that you will ever need. It is more than just portable gaming monitor. This is a premium gadget for your consoles as well as for all of your gaming accessories.

The only issue with this is that it is bulky. However, that mostly has to do with the size of the console itself and not of the monitor. Monitor by itself is as slim as they can get. This particular model has 720P resolution.

If you want your man cave to go everywhere with you, then this is the accessory to get.

The last form of the portable monitor for PS4 is the one that attaches on top of the console. This monitor is currently only available for PS4.

HORI Full HD Portable Monitor for PS4

This is one of the unique options for a portable monitor for PS4. It is shaped in relation to the angles of the PS4 surface so you can hook it up on top.

This monitor comes with a small HDMI cable, a power adapter and hooks to mount it on the PS4. Furthermore, the monitor has stereo speakers embedded which are a great plus point for this gadget.

Although this is an FHD monitor, which is great for PS4, the screen size is only 11.6″. You would have to be sitting right next to the PS4 in order to enjoy the game.

Personally, I like the concept, but the screen size is just too small for me. Other than that, for those who find this a useful gadget, know that this monitor has received excellent reviews from its customers.

Checklist for Choosing Your Monitor for PS4

Buying a gaming monitor for PS4 is a lot simpler than the purchase of a gaming monitor for a PC. Gaming PCs are more powerful than PS4 and can handle resolutions like WQHD and faster refresh rates. With PS4; however, you have set of requirement that you should not exceed. For example, you can a monitor with 120 Hz refresh rate as the maximum you can go with PS4 is 60 Hz.

Therefore, gaming monitor of PS4 is less expensive than their hardcore PC gaming counterparts. Read the following to know which points to keep in mind.

At least One HDMI Port or Audio Option

Make sure your new gaming monitor for PS4 has at least one HDMI port because your PS4 requires an HDMI connection. Moreover, DVI or VGA ports are of a goood usage when it comes to connecting your computer to it. Although almost all of the monitors have multi video inputs, it should be verified on your part that your monitor does have one.

When it comes to audio options, people are usually comfortable with the built in speakers enclosed with the monitors, but if you are a gamer that wants to experience his play to a superior level, you can only buy a sound system for better quality of sounds. Also, it is not like all monitors come with built-in speakers.

The thing about HDMI ports is that it includes both video as well as audio signals. Therefore, you do not need to connect separate speakers when it comes to TVs because in most cases, the TV speakers are good enough. However, with a monitor that is not the case, unfortunately. The maximum power from a speakers monitors that you can expect is 5W per speakers and those monitors are simply too expensive and have features that your PS4 won’t be able to utilize anyways. This article lists some of the monitors that do have built in speakers.

Monitors with Speakers

Therefore, you will perhaps find that having external speakers to go along with your monitors is much better than getting a monitor with speakers. The added costs of integrated speakers can be almost as same as cheap speakers that have better quality generally.

IPS panel or TN panel

If you need a better visual quality, but at the sacrifice of slower response time, IPS panel is the way to go. In all honesty, the response time isn’t all too bad. A normal eye wouldn’t even be able to detect the different between a 5 ms response time and 1 ms response time monitor. IPS panels have superior colors because even the cheapest ones have 8 bit panels compared to 6 bit TN panels.  Price wise, a gaming monitor for PS4 will almost cost the same regardless of whether it features an IPS panel or a TN panel.

They both have pros cons. TN panels are the go-to choice for hardcore gamers because they have faster response times and quicker refresh rates. However, since higher refresh rate means nothing to PS4, you can settle for an IPS monitor that a slightly higher response time but better visual.

You should note that although we recommend an IPS monitor for PS4, the difference between the visual quality for TN panel and an IPS panel is not great enough to warrant a change. It all depends on the deal. If you think you are getting a better deal with a TN panel, then by all means, go for it.

What about the VA panel monitor? VA panels are generally rare; however, they are the perfect bridge between TN and IPS panel in the sense that they have faster response time like the TN panels and good color quality like the IPS panels; however, they are expensive. VA panels have a very high static contrast ratio, giving the color a much better depth. Since they cannot be found for cheap, you may be discouraged to invest in such monitors.

You can learn a lot about panel types at TFTCentral.co.uk

Appropriate Screen Size

A common saying “the bigger, the better.” However, that does not mean you should go overboard and buy a monitor that is 34 inch or something because frankly, it is going to cost you a lot.

The intensity of enjoying games increases with the size of your screen, but to a limit. We recommend 24″ to 27″ monitors for PS4. The great thing about this size is that you can even use it with your computer easily. Bigger monitors such as 30 inch or bigger are not only expensive, they are not the right size for normal gaming use. Those monitors are rather built for professional use

The drawback about 24 inch and 27-inch size gaming monitor for PS4 is that you cannot kick back on your couch and play from far. You will have to be sitting up close like one does when gaming on PC. To some this is uncomfortable

The Right Resolution

Although there are so many different and much bigger resolution showing up in the market, you will not be needing anything more than Full HD. Do not settle for anything less and do not go for anything more because it simply will not be supported.

There are resolutions like WQHD, UHD, and 4K. Unfortunately, all these resolutions are not backed by PS4. Why? Because PS4 is basically a low-mid range gaming computer. It just does not have the power to run games at such high resolution. Even high-end gaming PCs struggle running games on WQHD resolution. Since PS4 wants you maintain a good frame rate while gaming, they have capped the resolution to FHD. There is not way around it.

Input Lag

This is one of the most ignored specification and unfortunately it is also the one that is not listed in products specification page either. The measurement of input lag is conducted mostly by reviewers.

Input lag is the measure of how long it takes for a monitor show the image. The lower the input lag, the better. Some of the keen observers can see a difference even with 50 vs. 100 ms input lag.

Low Response Time


A low response time is often the cause of the ghosting effect. It is the effect that you notice in a fast moving action packed scenes. If you have a slow response time, you will see that a fast moving object such as a car moving across the screen has left behind a trail of ghost-like images of it. These are called artifacts and can annoy many gamers.

Refresh Rate-60 Hz


A 60 Hz refresh rate is enough for your best gaming monitor for PS4. Mostly expensive monitors come with a refresh rate of 120 HZ or higher but then again why go for expensive monitors when PS4 itself works on 60 Hz. So buying a monitor with a refresh rate of more than 60 Hz is a waste of your money. That is true if you won’t be using your monitor for other purposes.

Is there a difference between gaming in 60 Hz vs. 120 Hz? Yes, a huge one. PC gamers are actively switching to monitor with higher refresh rates. This is a luxury that PS4 players just cannot have at the moment.

Perhaps with next generation of consoles we will see support for many of the features that PC gamers enjoy like WQHD resolution and faster refresh rates; however, for now, PS4 gamers have to live with what is specified here in this article.


A gaming monitor for PS4 is not a high-end gaming monitor. In fact, the best gaming monitor for PS4 is a very affordable one that has all the necessary bells and whistles. PS4 has simple requirements that the monitor should be an FHD one and it should have an HDMI port.

You can play PS4 on lower resolution screens, but you won’t be enjoying the full potential. Also if your monitor does not have an HDMI port you can get adapters. But if you are planning on getting a brand new screen, it is better to go with the perfect one that already has an HDMI.

The monitors aren’t too expensive and won’t be putting a huge dent in your wallet.

There is also a breed of the portable monitor for PS4 that you can get in the market. We have covered a few here, but if you wish you can look further into them. They are great if you want to carry your gaming with you. Most of them are also inexpensive.

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