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Best Gaming PC Build Under 1000

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Buying a gaming PC is always tricky. There are many references, all with relatively difficult-to-understand names. It is more of an expensive product, and therefore for which you have no room for error.

Today, we offer you a PC gamer configuration at 1000€. We will list the components of the configuration below. So you will have to assemble the PC yourself. There are many tutorials on the internet for this, which will guide you in the assembly. However, if you do not want to assemble the PC yourself, we will give you already assembled models at the end of the article, which you can therefore buy ready to use.

In-game, this config at 1000€ will allow you to play in 1080p all the games of the moment, and in 1440p in the majority of games, all with decent fluidity. This 1000€ gaming PC is also designed for the future, so you can easily upgrade it in the years to come.

In addition, if your budget is a little lower, do not hesitate to read this article on the Best Gaming PC at 800 € . Conversely, if you have a budget exceeding 1000€, we invite you to go with our config at 1200€ .

Best Gaming PC Build Under 1000

Advantages and disadvantages of the PC Gamer at 1000 €

Due to its high price, this PC config has a large number of advantages. First of all, the components of the configuration are of high quality, they are solid and made to last over time. The price/performance ratio of this config is also very good. Indeed, for around 1000€ you will have here a computer powerful enough to run all current video games, as well as those planned for the years to come. The Ryzen 5600X CPU that we have selected also has the particularity of being very efficient in applications thanks to its 6 cores and 12 threads, making this configuration efficient for tasks other than gaming.

Processor – AMD Ryzen 5600X

To start, here is the processor of our gaming PC at 1000€. With a budget of 1000€, our choice of processor is limited to the mid-range. At this level, AMD offers better products than Intel, especially with its Ryzen 5600X processor. It is the latter that we have integrated into our configuration. It embeds 6 cores, 12 threads and is clocked from the factory at 3.70 GHz, while being based on an AM4 socket.

The 5600X also has a TDP of 65W. The TDP (or “Thermal Envelope”) indicates the level of heating of a processor. A processor with a low TDP will heat up less than a processor with a high TDP. With its 65W, this 5600X is in the market average. It also comes with an AMD Wraith Spire fan, which will be more than enough to properly cool our CPU at its factory frequency, that is to say without overclocking.

Regarding the chipset, this 5600X is installed on B550 and X570 motherboards from AMD, that is to say the latest chipset to date. For our configuration, a B550 motherboard will be more than enough.

Motherboard – MSI B550 Tomahawk

To accompany our AMD processor, we have chosen here a motherboard from MSI, the B550 Tomahawk. The characteristics of this motherboard are quite classic, since we will find 4 RAM memory slots, we will obviously find many USB ports, as well as two M.2 ports to be able to install an NVMe SSD. This B550 Tomahawk also features two PCI-Express X16 ports, allowing you to install graphics card SLI. However, we only have one graphics card in our setup, so we will only be using one of these slots.

The design of this motherboard is quite sober and classy, ​​and the presence of RGB LEDs on the lower part of the card adds a real visual bonus. However, we will come to regret the presence of only 3 fan sockets, thus forcing you to buy an adapter if you wish to install more. Despite everything, this motherboard only costs 150€ and is therefore excellent value for money.

Graphics Card – AMD RX 6600 XT

Then comes the most interesting component of the machine, the graphics card. It is this component that will mainly determine your ability to run a game (or not). It is therefore also the most expensive component, the one on which you should not hesitate to invest. Our budget of 1000€ allowed us to select a relatively powerful graphics card, and very recent, the RX 6600 XT from AMD

This card offers performance close to an RTX 3060 from Nvidia, for a slightly lower price. Due to current GPU shortages, we cannot recommend a very specific custom version. Simply take the cheapest model you will find, the differences being quite slight from one model to another.

The RX 6600 XT is made to run today’s most demanding games. Battlefield 2042 runs smoothly, and the highly anticipated Elden Ring should also run smoothly without too much difficulty.

RAM – 16GB DDR4 3200MHz

Most of the games coming out today require 16GB of RAM. As developers seek to achieve an increasingly high level of visual detail, games are more and more demanding, and having 16GB of RAM has become a norm today. Thus, we offer you here a kit of two 8GB RAM sticks.  

Here we have chosen RAM from Corsair, a brand recognized for the reliability of its products. This RAM is clocked at 3200MHz, providing very good performance during long gaming sessions. Obviously, you can vary this amount of RAM upwards, for example by taking two 16GB bars, to reach a total of 32GB of RAM. Note that our motherboard accepts up to 128GB of RAM, that is to say 32GB per slot.

SSD –WD SN550 500GB

Then comes the storage part of our 1000€ gaming PC. For our budget, we opted for an all-SSD solution, which will allow our computer to have optimal transfer speeds. Regarding the model, here we turned to a product from Western Digital, the SN550 in its 500GB version.

The SN550 offers a write speed of 1750MB/s and a read speed of 2400MB/s. All your software and games will therefore be able to launch quickly, and loading times will be minimal.

Also note that this is an NVMe SSD, not a SATA SSD. It will therefore be installed on one of the M.2 ports of our MSI motherboard. Finally, be aware that it is possible to buy this SSD in 1TB and 2TB versions. This choice should be made according to your needs. If, for example, you want to install a large number of games, then the 1TB version is preferable.

Power supply – Aerocool Lux 650W

The power supply is an essential component of your computer. The latter will be connected to each of the components of your PC in order to supply them with electricity. It is therefore necessary to choose a power supply adapted to your PC configuration in order to have no voltage problem.

Here we started with a 650W power supply from Aerocool. This power supply is semi-modular, which means that most of the cables can be changed, for aesthetic reasons for example. In addition, this power supply for PC gamer has the 80+ Bronze certification, thus guaranteeing it a very good electrical efficiency and therefore limiting consumption. This 650W power supply is more than enough to power our entire $1000 gaming PC .

Case – Be Quiet Pure Base 500DX

We only have one last component left to finalize our configuration: the case. It is in the case that our components will be fixed. However, the choice of a case is not just about aesthetics. A box must have a good “airflow”, that is to say that the hot air must be able to escape easily from the box.

Our budget of 1000€ allows us to take a solid mid-range model, offering good airflow, and in which the cable management will be easy to achieve. Here, we started with the Pure Base 500DX from Be Quiet. This is a model recognized for its quality of manufacture.

This Pure Base 500DX is available in 2 colors: Black and White. It also has a light strip on the front facade, as well as a side window allowing an overview of the entire configuration.

This is a medium-tower case, the most standard format, in which our ATX motherboard will fit perfectly.

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