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Best Gaming PC Build Under 1600

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If you have a substantial budget, this PC Gamer configuration at 1500€ will do wonders for demanding gamers.

The configuration embeds a particularly versatile Intel Core i5-12400F processor and is accompanied by the choice of a GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card . There is also 16 GB of DDR4 at 3600 Mhz, a 1 TB NVMe SSD or even efficient and silent water cooling.

The PC adapts to all resolutions, whether for gaming at 240 FPS in 1080p, at more than 100 FPS in 1440p or even in 4K at 60 FPS.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 1600

Intel Core i5-12400F Processor

As for our configuration at 1200€, we start with a recent Intel Core i5-12400F and its 6 Core / 12 Thread design. The Intel CPU offers performance very close to that of a Ryzen 5 5600X, but it is found around 200€ against around 225€ for the AMD model.

At present, it is difficult to find a more versatile processor in this price range and we prefer to favor the budget allocated to our graphics card rather than opting for a more powerful CPU, such as a 12600K for example.

In use, the 12400F will be able to meet the expectations of the vast majority of players, both for application tasks and during gaming. In game, the differences with faster processors will also be very small from the moment you opt for a resolution greater than 1080p. Alternative

Gigabyte B660M
DS3H AX DDR4 Motherboard

To install our recent 12400F, it will be necessary to invest in a new Intel motherboard with the LGA 1700 socket. Here we are going with a model positioned at the entry level with the Gigabyte B660M DS3H AX DDR4 available at around 140€.

In mATX format, it has sufficient connections to cover the needs of our configuration but also its possible evolutions. In particular, there are 4 DDR4 slots, 2 M.2 PCIe 4.0 slots for your SSDs, 4 SATA connectors and a PCI Express 4.0 16x port.

The rear connection is rather simple but there are still 6 USB ports one Type-C. The main advantage of the card is that it directly embeds a WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connection for your wireless connections.

For gamers on a tighter budget, you can opt for the Gigabyte B660M DS3H DDR4 available for under €130 . It is the same model but without WiFi. Alternative

GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics Card

For this PC Gamer configuration at less than 1500€, we have a budget of around 700-750€ for our graphics card. Something to have fun, especially with prices finally tending to come down after months of shortages.

We are opting here for a very good GeForce RTX 3070 , which will allow us to play in excellent conditions at 1440p but also to try out 4K on many games. The card is also interesting for players wishing to take full advantage of a Full HD screen with a refresh rate of 240 Hz for example.

To get a better idea of ​​performance, you can find benchmarks made with a similar configuration at the end of the page.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM
(2×8 GB 3600 Mhz)

On the RAM side, we start with a Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro kit with 2 x 8 GB of DDR4 at 3600 Mhz in C16. A powerful kit that will allow us to take full advantage of the 12400F without necessarily breaking the bank since it can be found around 100€.

As a bonus, we take advantage here of bars integrating RGB backlighting so as to personalize your PC a little more and highlight your favorite components.

If you don’t need RGB, you can find Corsair Vengeance LPX for a few euros less, still at 3600 Mhz.

Samsung SSD
980 – 1TB SSD

As with other configurations, choose your storage based on your own needs.

We are going here on something quite classic with a 1 TB NVMe SSD , giving us enough space for our OS, our applications and several AAA games.

Under the 100€ mark, the Samsung 980 offers good value for money with excellent speeds, both in writing and in reading.

If 1 TB is not enough for you, you can opt for a 500 GB SSD and combine it with a 2 TB HDD to take advantage of more storage space. Obviously, if you install your games there, the loading times will be a little longer.

Noctua NH-U12S Redux cooling

Our Core i5-12400F processor comes with a small cooler in its box, but it’s neither the most efficient nor the quietest solution.

To maintain good temperatures but also take advantage of a less noisy machine, we have chosen to go for one of the most famous coolers with the excellent Noctua NH-U12S Redux. This is a “Lite” version of the NH-U12S, offering similar performance but with a less complete set of accessories. At less than 50€, it is difficult to find more effective in the sector!

Power supply
Corsair RM750

To meet the needs of this PC Gamer configuration at 1500€, a 750W power supply is sufficient and allows you to upgrade your configuration without going back to the cash register.

Here we opt for a Corsair RM750 , an 80 PLUS Gold certified model ensuring very good performance and particularly limited noise pollution. Its semi-modular design also makes it possible to limit the cables inside our box, by selecting only those necessary for our configuration. Count around 90€.

Eclipse P360A case

In the mid-range and high-end, we clearly have plenty to do with PC cases . We start with this configuration on an excellent Phanteks Eclipse P360A , but many other models around 100€ will be able to do the trick here.

Choose here according to your own needs, your cooling preferences or the look of the different cases available.

The case itself is rather spacious and above all well laid out, with a closed cage for the power supply, complete compatibility on the cooling and watercooling side or even a tempered glass panel ideal for showcasing your new configuration.

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