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Best Gaming PC Build Under 1700

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With a PC Gamer configuration at 1700€ , we are getting closer to the best in the sector. By combining here an excellent Intel Core i5-12600KF processor (or a Ryzen 5 5600X) with a GeForce RTX 3070 , we enjoy our games in excellent conditions.

The machine is here perfectly cut for gaming in 1440p ultra at more than 60 FPS, but also adapts to other resolutions, especially for competitive gaming in 1080p with a  very high framerate or even 4K. graphics settings.

Among the strengths of this configuration, there is a 1 TB NVMe SSD, 16 GB of DDR4 at 3600 Mhz, 240 mm water cooling with RGB fans and one of the best boxes in the sector in terms of cooling.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 1700

Intel Core i5-12600KF processor

Faced with our previous PC Gamer configurations at €1200 and €1500, we have chosen to go with a slightly beefier processor with the excellent Intel Core i5-12600KF  for this configuration at €1700.

The CPU features a hybrid design consisting of 6 P-Cores and 4 E-Cores for a total of 20 Threads. The P-Cores offer a base frequency of 3.6 Ghz and climb up to 4.9 Ghz in Turbo mode. For their part, the E-Cores offer frequencies between 2.8 Ghz and 3.6 Ghz.

The combination of these two types of cores allows the 12600KF to be as comfortable on gaming as on heavier office tasks, such as photo editing or video editing for example. The CPU is also doing very well for streaming, for example.

It is currently found under the bar of 275€. Alternative

MSI PRO-Z690 -A WiFi DDR4 Motherboard

To accompany our i5-12400F, you will have to opt for a new Intel motherboard with an LGA 1700 socket.

In ATX format, it embeds a particularly complete connection to cover the needs of our configuration but also its possible evolutions. In particular, there are 4 DDR4 slots, 4 M.2 slots including 3 PCIe 4.0 for your SSDs, 6 SATA connectors, an internal USB-C header and three PCI Express 16x ports including one in 5.0.

The rear connector is also well supplied, with 8 USB ports including 1 USB-C, a 2.5 Ghz LAN port and above all the presence of a 6E WiFi card + Bluetooth. What to take advantage of to avoid investing in additional peripherals or PCIe cards for your wireless connections.

The card finally has a very serious design at the VRM level, with excellent results under load and efficient heat dissipation. An important point if you use your CPU on heavy applications, other than gaming.

For gamers on a tighter budget, you can opt for the Gigabyte B660M DS3H DDR4 available for under €130 . We save a good hundred euros here, but it is no longer possible to overclock the 12600KF. Alternative

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM (2×8 GB 3600 Mhz)

On the RAM side, no change either compared to our configuration at 1500€. We stay on a Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro kit in 2 x 8 GB at 3600 Mhz . For gaming but also daily tasks, it is more than enough and you will always have the possibility of adding a second kit later if you want to take advantage of 32 GB of memory.

Available around 90€, the kit displays very good performance but above all a very good quality/price ratio. The bars also have the advantage of embedding fully customizable RGB backlighting from the Corsair iCUE software. What bring a nice little touch to your configuration.

GeFprce RTX 3070 Graphics Card

As for our PC Gamer configuration at 1500€, we stay here on an excellent GeForce RTX 3070 . It can now be found around €725, a price close to that announced when it was released.

The card allows you to play in 1440p at more than 60 FPS without making the slightest concession in terms of graphics settings. It also adapts very well to competitive games where it becomes possible to take full advantage of a QHD monitor at 144 Hz or FHD at 240 Hz for example.

It also becomes possible to play in 4K with these different GPUs, even if it will sometimes be necessary to reduce certain graphic options to maintain good fluidity at 60 FPS.

Samsung SSD 980 – 1TB SSD

On the storage side, we stay on a 1 TB Samsung 980 offering one of the best quality/price ratios in the sector. At less than 100€, you can’t find better today.

It’s a great base for most setups, offering enough space to store your OS, favorite programs, and a few games. Obviously, adjust here according to your real needs, especially if you are used to installing several dozen games on your machine.

In this price range, the 980 is one of the fastest SSDs in the industry, with speeds well above those of SATA models. Here the speeds can reach 3500 MB/s in reading and 3000 MB/s in writing.

Arctic Liquid Freeze II 240 RGB Cooling

At less than 100€, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 RGB offers excellent value for money and effectively cools our configuration.

The model adapts to the vast majority of cases and offers excellent results, even on CPUs that tend to heat up a lot during gaming or the heaviest office tasks. The Arctic model also has the advantage of being particularly quiet.

The other little plus of this model lies in its pump, which is accompanied by a small fan to stir the air at the VRM. An interesting option, especially when overclocking.

Finally, this RGB version is accompanied by fans with rather successful lighting effects, bringing a small touch of personalization to our configuration.

Corsair RM750 power supply

Available around 100€, the Corsair RM750 (2021) is an ideal power supply to cover the needs of our PC Gamer configuration at 1700€.

Certified 80 PLUS Gold and fully modular, it benefits from a careful design and has already proven itself for many years in the sector. Here in a 750W version, we have enough power to meet the needs of the most demanding graphics cards.

The power supply is also renowned for its very quiet use thanks to its 135 mm fan and its Zero RPM mode allowing it to be inaudible at low load.

Lian-Li LANCOOL II case

To accommodate this configuration at 1700€, we go for a Lian-Li LANCOOL II Mesh RGB box . Available around 125€, it offers excellent results in terms of cooling thanks to its perforated front panel and its three 120mm ARGB fans.

The model offers excellent general finishes and we appreciate its hinged side panels, as well as its lower parts offering intuitive access to its components. Visually, the case is also a great success in our opinion, with simple and clean lines.

Obviously, if this one is not to your taste, do not hesitate to consult our selection of the best PC Gamer boxes to find what you are looking for.

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