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Top 7 Best Minimalist PC Cases in 2022

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PCs have become an integral part of our lives. One of the best components of a PC is the case. When you spend a lot of time, money, and energy building the perfect PC, you want a case that not only looks good but helps you get the best performance out of your rig. One of the latest technologies in the PC industry is the silent enclosure. This type of case is very quiet and ideal for a gaming PC as it minimizes noise levels.

To build a computer or change the appearance of the CPU, it is better to invest in a decent case. Damaging or destroying the components contained within would be the last thing you want. That’s why it’s important to buy a case with solid construction. This becomes even more of a priority if the PC is moved frequently. Options with windows and side panels are still fine, but make sure they have strong glass on board.

If robustness remains a priority, elegance, cooling capacity, but also noise levels are just as important. Nobody wants a nice case that doesn’t cool well or a well-ventilated case that makes a lot of noise. When it comes to size, everyone has their preferences. It will depend on the motherboard that we are going to use or that we plan to use later.

Best Minimalist PC Cases 2022

NZXT H510 Elite

One of the most recognized names on the PC case market, it’s a bit of a safe bet for this top. Several colours are available for the lights inside. The white on the lower part of the case really offers an impression of innovative design and fashion victims will once again be served.

This case is however quite small 42.8 x 21 x 46 cm. To achieve such a size, some concessions had to be made, including not having a DVD player, but who still uses DVD players seriously? In addition, they only receive air through a small hole at the top of the case, so it is possible that in terms of heat, the case is not the most optimal depending on your configuration, but if you plan to use water. cooling, that won’t be a problem. On the silence side, if you use water cooling, you will have no problem, the brand is guaranteed, on the other hand, it must be admitted that part of the optimization for silence has been offered to the design.


  • Absolutely stunning design
  • Renowned brand
  • Different colour choices for LED


  • Not easy to leave it on at night because of the lights
  • Silence can be improved if you do not use water cooling
  • Beware of configurations requiring a lot of space because it is rather small

Corsair 110R Mid-Tower ATX Case

I really appreciate the minimalist design of this 110R and the tempered glass window gives a nice touch to the case. No RGB here, Corsair preferred to sacrifice it to lower the cost and focus on the essentials.

This box is clearly not made for large configurations. It is not possible for example to put a 360 mm AIO. But it can accommodate 240mm and 280mm radiators.

That said, I would settle for an air-cooled machine on this box. And I think adding a fan or two on the front would help a lot to improve the thermal performance of this case.

Finally, the Corsair 110R is a good PC case thanks above all to its very attractive price. This is one of the boxes that I would recommend to a majority of people who want to start a PC config on the cheap.

Be careful all the same with the size of your graphics card, 330 mm can be quite tight for high-end models.


  • Really cheap
  • Excellent value
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance
  • Minimalist design


  • Only one fan provided
  • No microphone jack on the front.

Phanteks Eclipse P360 Air DRGB Mid Tower Cabinet

Unlike Corsair’s 110R, which banned RGB, this box is made for those who, on the contrary, like RGB without having to spend a ton.

What I like the most, in this case, are the 2 fans provided on the front. They are in a somewhat strange format, they are 130mm fans, but they can be replaced by 140mm.

The only downside is the lack of a dust filter on the front. Certainly, it improves the airflow, but you should expect to have a lot of dust in this box in the long run…

In any case, these two supplied front fans provide more than adequate acoustic and thermal performance according to the tests I have seen.

It can therefore completely accommodate mid-range and high-end configs without difficulty.

I would still add a fan in the back to help dissipate the heat.


  • Attractive price
  • Presence of RGB
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance


  • No front filter
  • Limited AIO compatibility (360mm pitch)

Corsair 5000D Airflow Mid Tower Cabinet

This is the case that I intend to take for my next PC config. But to be honest with you, I think the Fractal Meshify 2 is a better choice for a lot of people.

These two boxes are in a similar price range but the Fractal offers you, as a base, better thermal and acoustic performance than this box than the 5000D Airflow.

The main reason is that Corsair only offers 2 x 120mm fans. One in the front and another in the back. This is not enough for high-end configs . So if you only rely on these two fans to cool your 5950X and your 3090, you may be disappointed with the temperatures you will get.

That said if you intend to add fans to this case. So that’s another story. With 3 120mm fans at the front, 3 120mm fans at the top, and one at the back, you’ll have enough to cool your components.


  • A very good manufacturing quality
  • Top design
  • Connectors on the front at the top
  • Plenty of space for fans
  • Can accommodate very large graphics cards


  • Only 2 fans provided
  • No 420mm radiator

How to choose your PC case?

Finding the perfect casing for your prized components is no easy feat. If the design is, of course, a matter of taste, the main difficulty lies in the scalability of the case because, even if you are extremely picky in the choice of your configuration, its performance will unfortunately not be eternal.

To ensure you a good duration of use, we have determined the following criteria:

  • Size: this criterion influences two factors: the location of your tower but also the maximum size of the components it can contain. There are several motherboard formats ranging from Mini-ITX (17 x 17cm) to ATX (30.5 x 24.4 cm) and several graphics card templates. These different possibilities lead us to favour versatility in our selection.
  • Cooling: To get the most out of your components, it is essential to ensure good airflow inside your case. To do this, make sure that the product you choose is compatible with the technology you plan to use. Water cooling ( water cooling ) is more effective but costly and restrictive, where the air is more accessible and is just as effective for a standard configuration if it is well optimized.
  • Modularity: in order to easily upgrade your configuration, it is important to provide for different types of internal organization. Thus, it is common to add new hard drives, RAM modules,… or upgrades. For example, high-end graphics cards tend to take up more space than lower-end models, and if you haven’t anticipated this, you may need to invest in a new case.


What is THE best PC case?

The best PC case currently is the Lian Li O11 Dynamic. Although it does not come with fans, once you equip it, it offers excellent performance, acoustic and thermal. It is a case that was mainly designed for water cooling, but in air-cooling it remains very good.

What is the best cheap PC case?

The best cheap PC case is the Corsair 110R. For a config with components that heat up little, this box will do the job perfectly. However, for more muscular configurations, it will be necessary to invest in additional fans at the front.

What is the case with the best airflow?

The case with the best airflow is the Fractal Design Torrent. All tests show that this case, with the supplied fans, offers the best possible ventilation for the components inside.

What is the quietest box?

The best silent box is the Be quiet! Silent Base 802. Not only does it provide good acoustic insulation, but it also has excellent airflow in its default configuration.

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