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Top 5 Best Monitors For Graphic Design and Photography

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Best Monitors For Graphic Design

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Hello, guys in this article we’re gonna check out the top 5 best monitors for graphic design and photography in 2022 I made this list based on my personal opinion and research.

The definition of best monitor for graphic design varies from person to person. It depends upon a lot of factors such as your budget and other uses. Are you going to use your monitor solely for graphic design or also for other works like video editing or gaming. There is one thing clear, if you are professional then you truly need something that caters to your specific need.

Among different professions, when it comes to graphic designing, the biggest necessity of a technological product is that of a good monitor. You do not want to be the graphic designer who puts in so much effort into his/her work only to find out that the desired result wasn’t as expect just because your monitor did not provide the right set of tools.

Having a monitor with features facilitating the user with accurate colors and large resolution is a healthy choice which every user specifically those practicing graphic designing should make. But the question is how to know that this monitor will be perfect for your color palette? For that you need to keep in mind some of the factors before providing your graphic designing skills with a good monitor. You can read more about those further down in the article.

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List of Best Monitor For Graphic Design

There are tons of monitor out there exhibiting exquisite qualities which make it difficult for the user to set an eye on one. For your ease, we have a list of some of the best monitors that will enhance your experience of graphic designing to a quadruple. Let’s get started.

You will note that the monitors mentioned in this list are those that an average professional graphic designer can afford. Yes there are monitor that can go beyond one thousand bucks but that is not the point of this list.

Asus designO MX27AQ

Asus-designO-MX27AQ-Best Monitors-For-Graphic-Design-and-Photography
Source: Amazon

Asus DesignO MX27AQ graphic designers have required some capable monitors to complete their tasks perfectly namely monitors with great color reproduction with extreme accuracy amazing resolution delivering impressive sharpness and attractive aesthetics.


Because can you deliver beautiful work on a bland and simple looking office monitor I guess not one of the best monitors you can get without breaking the bank is the Asus designO MX27AQ, which delivers excellent color accuracy great speakers nice quality design, and aesthetics in a pretty affordable package.

Let’s take a closer look at the Asus designO MX27AQ as its name implies is a perfectly designed monitor and for its listed price. I didn’t expect to be amazed it has a very distinct style that catches the eye without using lights or flashy details.

It’s impressively clean with contemporary lines and a nice design language it has an ear bezel Less design on the top and sides and a thin band on the bottom that has the Asus logo in the middle and the Bang & Olufsen logo on the right-hand side.

The minimal design is present on the back as well with just a single joystick on the on-screen display settings which is also very convenient to use the stand and base of this monitor.

Also, fit in with the general design with its round base that’s attached to the slim stand it’s just beautiful in terms of ports and connectivity it’s not the richest in the market.

However, it delivers plenty of versatility with its two HDMI 1.4 ports and one Display Port 1.2 on top of that the audio performance of this monitor was very impressed with its power of 3-watt stereo amplifiers developed bang & Olufsen delivering a pretty solid listening experience.

They can be a good substitute if you don’t have external speakers the Asus design o MX27AQ is fitted with a 27-inch 2560 by 1440 resolution in-plane switching panel that delivers great angles and it’s pre-calibrated with plenty of modes like the RGB mode scenery mode or game mode.

It managed to reproduce a hundred percent of the RGB color gamut and 77 percent of the Adobe RGB color gamut right out of the box without activating the RGB mode the gamma value is 2.2 and it can achieve a brightness of 407 nits at max and the contrast is pretty good delivering a great image that’ll be extremely useful for graphic designers.

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q

Source: Amazon

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q next up we have a perfect monitor for content creators and animators.


In general, the Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q a monitor that delivers excellent sharpness with a snappy response time speed and an incredibly low input lag that makes it perfect for a wide range of users.

On top of that this monitor has HD R10 support a large screen good brightness deep blacks and nice design coupled with its amazing build quality and many more desirable features.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q delivers a pretty interesting design that’s very understated and minimalistic it looks excellent and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

It features a bezel Less design with just slim borders that are equal on top and bottom and sides making it the centerpiece of your studio.

IIt’s extremely sleek and refined and it’s worth mentioning that it’s extremely thin.and even if you wall mount it won’t pop out that much in terms of connectivity and ports

The Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q is pretty generous coming in with two USB 3.0 ports on the left side and on the i/o panel on the back, it has a DisplayPort 1.2 the mini DisplayPort 1.2 an HDMI port, and three more USB ports making it a pretty versatile monitor.

The base of the device is pretty attractive coming in with cable management solutions and mate adjustability to achieve the most comfortable setup and amazing stability on top of it.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q is equipped with a 27-inch 3840 by 2160 4k resolution in-plane switching panel with a native refresh rate of 60 Hertz and a response time of 5 milliseconds.

The backlighting is amazing as well during the brightness of 315 it’s without the HDR the contrast ratio of 1300 to one is excellent in delivering perfectly deep blacks that’ll be useful for animators Photographers and content creators.

It’s also worth mentioning that the monitor is pre-calibrated from the factory and delivers a 99% coverage of the RGB color gamut with a delta ii rating of 1.3, which is perfect for graphics work a truly capable device the Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q stays true to its.

BenQ SW2700PT

Source: Amazon

The BenQ SW2700PT one of the most capable monitors on this list is the BenQ SW2700PT which is a monitor that’s dedicated to graphic designers, photographers, and professionals.

A much cheaper option as compared to the NEC SpectraView above, this is one of the best option for a hardcore professional on a tight budget. It offers almost the same features as any high end graphic designing monitor but at a very reasonable cost.

This monitor has 14 bit LUT for color calibration and covers 100% of RGB color space. This monitor comes with a shade hood that removes the light glare and ensures that you are looking the truest of colors. Many have praised the factory calibrated colors.


In general that requires ultra-accurate results, it delivers excellent calibration features a shading hood an SD card reader an amazing stand perfect panel technology, and many more features that will make it a dream come true for professionals.

It may be a little expensive but this device delivers the most bang for your buck in the market in terms of design and aesthetics.

The BenQ SW2700PT looks pretty professional and ready to get its hands dirty and has no style tricks everything about the design is done to enhance the performance and color accuracy of this product.

The light-absorbing matte black finish and it’s a thin body on the screen you’ll find an anti-glare layer that won’t tamper the colors or soften the image and on top of that.

The shading hood takes things to another level on the excellent base of the device.

You’ll spot the OSD controller that’s round and do it as excellent controls for your monitor without any hardware touch-ups the base and stand of this model are also pretty capable of extreme adjustability, including tilt height swivel and even portrait mode.

And in addition to that, it’s one of the most solid and durable bases I’ve ever seen on the back you’ll also spot 100 by 100 visa mount holes. And the connectivity thoughts including a DVI port DisplayPort 1.2 an HDMI port, and an analog audio jack on the left side.

You’ll spot two USB 3.0 ports an SD card reader and a mini USB port for the OSD controller and on the right, another USB 3.0 port the cables are all included in the package so you don’t have to ship separately.

The BenQ SW2700PT rocks a 32-inch 3840 x 2160 resolution matte screen with an advanced high perfuming ankle panel that offers amazing colors and great viewing angles.

It also uses a 14-bit lookup table that delivers amazing color management and level color graduation accurately in terms of color reproduction.

It achieves an astounding 99% of the Adobe RGB color gamut with amazing color accuracy and krei scale performance making it an extremely capable monitor for professionals who require perfect colors.

LG 4K UHD 27UD88

Source: Amazon

LG 4k UHD 27UD88 next up I have a perfectly capable monitor that delivers amazing features and performances coupled with a perfect design.


The LG 4k UHD 27UD88 this monitor is also one of the most versatile monitors in the market making it a jack-of-all-trades delivering amazing brightness good colors with accuracy. AMD freesync beautiful design a wide selection of ports and many more in a very affordable package that delivers great value in terms of design and aesthetics.

The LG 4k UHD 27UD88 looks very refined and attractive just like every LG device on the market. If you’ve seen recent premium LG TVs this will look familiar to you with its extremely slim bezels on the top and sides and the slim band on the bottom lodging.

The LG logo has a nice color palette that utilizes matte black on the front silver on the base and stands and the white on the rear of the device just perfect and it’ll fit right into your studio.

This particular model is not just to look at though as it rocks a great build quality adjustability and stability connectivity wise.

The LG 4k UHD 27UD88 employs a good selection of ports coming in with a pair of HDMI ports the display port two USB ports and a USB type-c port. And on top of all that the company has included white cables for all the ports so you get an ultra-clean design performance.

One of its strongest points as this 27 inch IPS panel with 3840 by 2160 4k resolution is excellent delivering about 99% of the sRGB color space this is right out of the box.

As the company has calibrated it from the factory so you don’t have to but I know that most graphic designers will tweak it a bit thanks to its great accuracy in colors.

This monitor will stand its ground as a capable monitor for creating and with its 60 Hertz refresh rate and AMD freesync you can easily use it for your gaming purposes – resulting in a pretty multi-purpose device.


Source: Amazon

At number one it’s the EIZO CG277-BK the most capable monitor in terms of color reproduction and accuracy.


The EIZO CG277-BK.which is a well-known brand with professionals delivering the best color reproduction and accuracy in the market, with a great calorimeter perfect contrast shading hood plenty of brightness 10-bit panel with 16 bit of LUT and plenty of calibration and tweaking features coupled with its sensor.

The EIZO CG277-BK is a gem as with the fore mentioned pen queue this EIZO is also a very professional tool delivering no design tricks to make it attractive it is a tool. The screen is surrounded by by pretty thick bezels that are in matte black to absorb light.

And this monitor is the Antonine of attractive it has some ventilation vents on the side and it’s pretty bulky when you look at it from the side. But it comes with a pretty solid build quality that’ll make it last in your studio for a decade.

The bases and stands to deliver excellent stability but at the same time super adjustability which is a must for designers. In the box of the device, you get the shading hood that’s very easily attached AC cables video cables including DVI-D and a mini-display port USB utility desk screen cleaner, and many more.

The connectivity options are not very rich as it has one TV ID one HDMI the DisplayPort and a pair of USB ports this monitor boasts a 27-inch 2560 by 1440 resolution IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 300 nits.

And a 1000 to 1 contrast ratio in terms of color reproduction it achieves 99% in sRGB Adobe RGB and DCI p3 color spaces making it perfect for designers photographers content creators videographers and many more.

It’s a ten-bit panel and 16-bit lookup table that deliver a palette of a little less than 300 trillion colors with extreme accuracy to back up that accuracy in our tests.

The monitor got a delta ii rating of just 0.1 one which is the best in the market if you’re a professional and serious about your work you can’t get a better device than the EIZO CG277-BK.

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NEC Monitor PA272W-BK-SV

This is the most expensive monitor in this list. NEC is a brand that almost all professionals would be aware of it. It is like Ferrari of monitors. Monitors by NEC are designed to accomplish the best designing work possible. They have some of the most extensive features for facilitating graphic designers as well as other professionals out there.

Like any high graphics designing monitor, this monitor offers 14 bit LUT for calibration and offers 99% of Adobe RGB color space. Normal professional monitors only cover 100% of sRGB, which is inferior to Adobe RGB color space.

This is a monitor that you would use for editing theatrical films and movies.

ASUS PB278Q Monitor

This is a monitor that no professional should have any trouble paying for. In fact, this the most default options for most CAD designer or graphic designers. It does not have over the top features like the high end graphic designing monitor listed above, it has all the necessary bells and whistles to keep your satisfied like 100% sRGB coverage and WQHD resolution.

It is equipped with an IPS panel which facilitates the user with superior color accuracy and great viewing angles. You can view your work from any angles without the picture getting distorted. With the fully adjustable stand, you can rotate this monitor, tilt, swivel it and even pivot it to work from different angles. For example, you may want to pivot the monitor to portrait mode so that you can work on vertical graphics.

The Asus PB278Q with a 16:9 aspect ratio offers a screen packed with 2560 x 1440 resolution which is a plus point for professionals seeking a monitor to enhance their workspace. The remarkable Video Intelligence Technology comes handy when you want to get the result which you see on the screen.

When it comes to connectivity options, this monitor facilitates the user with HDMI port, DisplayPort and dual-link DVI port.

Dell U2415 Monitor

If you want to get a semi-professional monitor since you are on a very tight budget, then go for this monitor. This is a very affordable 24 inch monitor featuring an IPS panel with 6 ms response. It does not have WQHD resolution as many would want, it does have nearly one hundred bucks of sRGB coverage.

Also note that this monitor isn’t entirely an FHD monitor. This monitor has a resolution of 1920×1200 due to its 16:9 aspect ratio. This give you a tad bit more pixels to work on as compared to FHD monitors.

When it comes to connectivity options, the Dell U2415 facilitates the user with numerous options including a DisplayPort along with a mini DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

One of the greatest aspect about this monitor is that it affordable, it has VESA mounting holes and it has a slim bezel. I think you know what I am getting to. This monitor is the perfect monitor for multiple monitor display of professional grade.

Acer T272HUL Monitor

A unique blend of looks and performance make this one of the best monitor for graphic design. This 27 inch monitor provides the graphic designer with a very unique that can facilitate you with a much better angles at designing your graphics. You can literally put your monitor flat on the surface using the stand that it has.

It offers a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 which provides a great quality of content on the screen. Along with these features, this product by Acer covers 100%sRGB, which is all that semi-professional graphic designer would want in a monitor to achieve the perfect design.

Another unique feature about this monitor is that it has a touchscreen. Although this isn’t entirely necessarily for most graphic designer, to some this could be a very important consideration.

The Acer T272HUL offers around 1.07 billion colors. When it comes to connectivity options, this monitor offers numerous options such as one DVI port, one HDMI port, one DisplayPort along with one USB 3.0 port.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Monitor for Graphic Design

A professional graphic designing monitor is much different than conventional monitors. Of course the quality of the monitor depends upon your budget; however, if you consider your monitor to be one of your tools of trade then setting a decent budget wouldn’t harm. In any case, when looking for the best monitor for graphic design, you need to consider the following few points.


When it comes to choosing a monitor to practice your graphic designing skills, go for a monitor having a capability to facilitate at least 2560 x 1080 resolution. Gone are the days when mere FHD was sufficient. With this resolution, your screen can accommodate a large workspace.

However, if you are a hardcore professional graphic designer with a good budget and you are seeking for a good monitor to facilitate you with high quality of graphics then opt for a monitor offering a 3840 x 2160 resolution. This ultra high definition monitor would provide you with more real estate tha you will ever need.

IPS Panel

There are various panel types out there in the market. Nobody wants to design his graphics on a monitor that shows inferior colors and doesn’t do well when looked at from an angle. A graphic designer requires superior color accuracy and such flexible angles so that working on the screen is convenient from any angle.

An IPS panel is the only panel that easily able to achieve high color accuracy.


Before choosing a monitor, make sure that it facilitates you with, if not a handful then at least some necessary input and output connections.

Being a graphic designer, your new monitor should at least consists of HDMI ports, Display Port and dual-link DVI ports. Thunderbolt is increasingly becoming popular, so if you can find yourself a monitor with thunderbolt, that would be much more future proof.


Usually when talking about the size of best monitor graphic design, the bigger the better. If you really want to enjoy your experience of graphic designing then a monitor with a screen of 27 to 32 inches would be perfect. Just make sure that they are packed with a large enough resolution.

The enlarged view would help in strengthening the quality of graphics thereby providing you with an ideal result. Managing multiple projects on a single display may sound difficult for users working with smaller screen sizes. On the contrary, with larger screen this would not be an issue.

Color Gamut

If you are professional graphic designer then seeking for a monitor with a wide color gamut is a healthy choice. A monitor supporting color coverage of 100% sRGB and around 99% Adobe RGB should result in providing you with the best intensity of colors enhancing the quality of your graphics.

A high bit panel and 14 bit LUT is a must for those who need extensive calibration for their monitors.


There are a ton of professional monitors out there. Some are cheap while others are super expensive worthy of being only used in professional studios.

You will really need to plan out a budget if you are going to invest in any of the high end or mid end best monitors for graphic designing.

There is a certain set of features that you must be aware of if you are looking to these monitors. Make sure you know what you are getting into before investing in something that you do not utilize to its fullest extent.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked the content if you found it helpful please remember to leave a like and share to this your friends and family if you have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as Possible.

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