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[Top 5] Best RTX 3070 Graphics Cards- Review and Comparison

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Building your own gaming PC is always a real pleasure for amateurs and professionals alike in the world of video games. Indeed, it is necessary to find the component most suited to everyone’s expectations. Apart from motherboards , graphics cards play an important role in a computer. They make it possible to improve the quality of the images put forward and to promote the viewing comfort of each user. In recent years, many models have emerged. The rtx 3070 graphics card is one of them.

It is also one of the most practical, especially in terms of energy efficiency. It is also the ideal ally for gaming in 1440p at 60 fps. So if you’re looking for VR-compatible hardware, you’ve found what you need! Precisely, this article will help you identify the best rtx 3070 graphics card on the market .

Our pick of the best RTX 3070 graphics cards

1 Graphics card rtx 3070 – Zotac – Geforce Ti Ampi Holo ZT-A30710F-10P

Let yourself be seduced by the rtx 3070 graphics card – Zotac – Geforce Ti Ampi Holo ZT-A30710F-10P. If you like the latest popular video game titles, it will be your best ally. For high performance, it combines 2nd generation ray tracing cores and 3rd generation tensor cores. Moreover, this device uses the NVIDIA Ampere architecture. Thus, you will enjoy a breathtaking immersion! It offers active control with FREEZE shutdown. Clearly, it is particularly silent. If you like long gaming sessions, note that it has an IceStorm 2.0 advanced cooling. Robust and stylish, it has a metal RGB LED back plate. For a better gaming atmosphere,


Virtual Reality Ready.

Equipped with 8 GB ‎GDDR6X RAM.

2 cables from 6 pin to 8 pin and 1 user manual delivered.

  • Type of outputs3x DisplayPort 1.4a and HDMI 2.1
  • Energy consumption310W
  • MarkZotac
  • Silent operation.
  • Very good quality.
  • Breathtaking immersion.
  • Tendency to heat.

2 Graphics card rtx 3070 – ASUS – TUF GAMING NVIDIA GeForce Ti OC Edition

For video game lovers, ASUS offers them the rtx 3070 TUF GAMING NVIDIA GeForce Ti OC Edition graphics card. As the name suggests, it works with the new NVIDIA Ampere streaming multiprocessors. These elements are ranked among the strongest and fastest in the world. Added to that, this device guarantees better performance with its prominent second-generation RT Cores and third-generation Tensor Cores. This will allow you to watch content at 8K resolution. High quality, this rtx 3070 graphics card – TUF GAMING NVIDIA GeForce Ti OC Edition – ASUS has a long lifespan with its double ball bearings. For optimal cooling, it has axial fans. Practical, it offers intuitive performance settings,


Boosted clock frequency of 1815 MHz in OC mode and 1785 MHz in Gaming mode.

On-board military-strength capacitors.

8GB GDDR6X memory.

  • GPU frequency1785MHz
  • Type of RAMGDDR6X
  • MarkASUS
  • Optimized design.
  • Cooling from the back of the card.
  • Very correct operating temperature.
  • Low value for money.

3 Graphics card rtx 3070 – Gigabyte – GAMING OC-8GD

The Gigabyte brand presents this time the rtx 3070 GAMING OC-8GD graphics card. For the ultimate gaming experience, it uses Nvidia’s Ampere architecture. What benefit from a more realistic and more immersive image. Adding to that, it embeds RT and Tensor cores as well as stream multiprocessors. These elements guarantee you an exceptional performance! Efficient, it contains an exclusive cooling system with 3 fans (WINDFORCE 3X) and factory overclocking. You will surely be seduced by the metal backplate located at the back of the PCB of the card. Also, be aware that this rtx 3070 – GAMING OC-8GD – Gigabyte graphics card relies entirely on AI capabilities. In other words, it offers faithful visuals and maximum frame rate.


Onboard HDMI and DisplayPort outputs.

Improved cooling system.

Integrated stream multiprocessors.

  • Interface‎PCI Express x16
  • Resolution‎7680 x 4320 pixels
  • MarkGigabyte
  • Sharp and fluid image.
  • Convenient ray tracing setup.
  • High yield.
  • Limited power.

4 Graphics card rtx 3070 – PNY – Ti 8GB XLR8 Gaming Triple Fan

PNY provides you with the rtx 3070 Ti 8GB XLR8 Gaming Triple Fan graphics card. It perfectly meets the real expectations of the most demanding gamers since it has the NVIDIA Ampere Architecture. It also displays a chipset frequency of 1575 MHz and a boost frequency of 1770 MHz. It also demonstrates great compatibility with its PCI Express 4.0 interface. Indeed, it supports a multitude of systems. For maximum connectivity, know that it has HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. Add to that this rtx 3070 – Ti 8GB XLR8 Gaming Triple Fan Graphics Card – PNY 6144 NVIDIA CUDA cores and up to 608GB/s bandwidth. Its RAM, meanwhile, amounts to 8 GB. In addition,


AI-based DLSS technology.

For editing 8K videos and implementing 3D scenes.

2nd Gen Ray Tracing and 3rd Gen Tensor Cores.

  • Interface‎PCI Express x16
  • Resolution‎7680 x 4320 Pixels
  • MarkPNY
  • Ideal for streaming.
  • Low latency.
  • High frame rate.
  • Price a bit high.

5 Graphics card rtx 3070 – MSI – GeForce Ti VENTUS 3X 8G OC V505-007R

MSI suggests the rtx 3070 GeForce Ti VENTUS 3X 8G OC V505-007R graphics card. High quality, it is capable of real-time ray tracing thanks to its 48 cores and 192 voltage cores. It offers you a brand new and immersive experience with NVIDIA VR-Ready and NVIDIA G-Sync. Powerful, this device uses 3 axial fans of 90 mm. Don’t worry, it works perfectly without noise with its zero dB mode. It also adapts to most of the games offered. Solid, it is equipped with a back plate and thermal pads. In addition, this rtx 3070 – GeForce Ti VENTUS 3X 8G OC V505-007R – MSI graphics card uses GDDR6X type graphics RAM with a storage capacity of 8GB. What easily accommodate your programs and games!


Brushed metal back plate.

Three industrial design fans.

DirectX 12 Ultimate.

  • Maximum resolution7680 x 4320 pixels
  • GPU frequency‎1800MHz
  • MarkMSI
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Well ventilated case.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Noisy fan with too powerful games.


How to choose your RTX 3070 graphics card?

The rtx 3070 graphics card is one of the most popular ranges for gamers. It takes a step ahead of its elders, especially in terms of performance and fuel consumption. Indeed, it is less greedy in energy. Whether you want to enjoy an image in Full HD, Quad HD or 4K, this accessory will do the job perfectly! Yes, it offers maximum frame rate to its users. It is also distinguished by its operation. Obviously, it is among the quietest on the market. A very significant detail, especially for fans of powerful games. Also, be aware that this material heats up less. Currently, many brands have made a multitude of models adapted to the needs of each user. Having trouble finding the one that stands out? Do not panic !

1 The size of the case

Before venturing into the acquisition of an rtx 3070 graphics card , you will have to stick to the size of the case. Yes, it is important that the accessory perfectly matches the shape and size of the latter. To make it easier for you, just take the necessary steps beforehand. Although the height and width vary from model to model, it would be safer to take into account the length of the card.

2 The amount of RAM

Also called random access memory, RAM is expressed in GB or Gigabyte. It generally varies according to the definition of the screen. For professional gamers, we recommend that you go for a 32 GB rtx 3070 graphics card . However, if you are looking for good image quality in Full HD or Quad HD, an 8 GB model of RAM will be more than enough.

3 Sound level

Be aware that each model of rtx 3070 graphics card differs in its sound rates . However, if you want to play comfortably, you need a particularly quiet accessory. Therefore, it would be more practical to move towards a model in the vicinity of 34 dB. Otherwise, you can refer to the featured cooling system as well as user reviews. What better way to limit noise pollution?

4 The cooling system

Before confirming your choice, do not forget to find out about the cooling mechanism used. This technique will allow you to measure the heating rate of your rtx 3070 graphics card . Generally, renowned brands use up to 3 ultra-powerful fans. Not only do these improve user performance, but above all guarantee the cooling of the entire system.

How to use an rtx 3070 graphics card?

The rtx 3070 graphics card is the ideal ally for obtaining an immersive and realistic graphic image at the same time. Indeed, some models are composed of elements allowing players to have the best gaming experience. Thanks to its performance, this device is suitable for use in the short and medium term. Nevertheless, to take advantage of the advantages it presents, it would be necessary to decipher its operation and understand its use. If you have just acquired your first accessory, here are some tips that will allow you to use it correctly. Let’s find out the details together!

1 Installation

Once you have found the size of the rtx 3070 graphics card compatible with that of your box, you can uninstall the old drivers. Then, take care to identify the location of the component. After you have removed the card, quickly clean the inside of your case. All you have to do is set up the equipment you have just acquired, making sure to secure it properly.

2 Pilots

Once you have properly closed your central unit, you can now retrieve the driver for your rtx 370 graphics card . Usually it is provided. Otherwise, you have the option of downloading from the brand’s website. All you have to do is follow the various recommended steps. Before indulging yourself, remember to make some adjustments in the settings, especially if the image quality does not suit you.

3 Important precautions

Installing an rtx 3070 graphics card is not trivial. For any operation, we recommend that you act with great tact. One false move could harm you. So, be sure to stabilize the arm to avoid shaking. Take time to relax and breathe deeply. If you have trouble performing this task, you can always ask for the intervention of a professional or a loved one.

Choosing between an RTX and GTX card

This guide introduces you to RTX technology . But be aware that this is not the only category of GPU. You can find cheaper graphics cards that have good specs. Feel free to read our buying guides to choose the best GPU.

RTX technologyGTX technology
RTX 3090 graphics cardGTX 1050 TI graphics card
RTX 3080 graphics cardGTX 1060 graphics card
RTX 3070 graphics cardGTX 1070 graphics card
RTX 3060 graphics cardGTX 1070 Ti graphics card
RTX 2080 graphics cardGTX 1080 graphics card
RTX 2070 graphics cardGTX 1080 Ti graphics card
RTX 2060 graphics card 

The best brands of graphics cards

Intel , AMD , MSI , three brands that are the best GPUs that offer Nvidia cards . In order to help you as much as possible, Tweakers offers you a list of the best graphics cards.

Nvidia QuadroIntel hd graphics 620AMD Radeon r7
Nvidia Geforce GTXIntel hd graphics 5500amd radeon r5
Nvidia GeForce GT 730Intel hd graphics 520AMD Radeon r2

FAQ: All about rtx 3070 graphics cards

Is the fan an essential element to consider when buying an rtx 3070 graphics card?

As mentioned above, the fan helps cool the rtx 3070 graphics card . So, during your purchasing process, remember to stick to the system put forward. Some brands use up to 3 fans, while others favor axial fans while ensuring quiet operation. As proof, there are models with a zero dB mode.

Is the rtx 3070 graphics card suitable for streamers?

If we always tend to believe that the rtx 3070 graphics card is made only for gamers, know that it also meets the needs of streamers . It allows you to give free rein to your creativity. You have the possibility to modify 8K videos or 3D scenes according to your convenience. It gives you the opportunity to stream live while providing you with good image quality.

Where to find the best rtx 3070 graphics card at the best price?

If you want to get a good deal, we advise you to rely on the best known online merchants. You will find different models and different brands. To simplify your task, do not hesitate to go to price comparison sites. These will help you find the same product, but at cheaper prices . Effective way to save money!

How much does the rtx 3070 graphics card cost?

The price of an rtx 3070 graphics card usually starts around 500 euros. However, this figure fluctuates depending on the manufacturers and the characteristics of the component. The most efficient models, meanwhile, are in the range of 800 to more than 1000 euros. It’s up to you to find the one that best meets your real needs and your budget

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