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Best RTX 3090 Graphics Cards – Review and Comparison

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The battle of graphics cards never ceases to amaze gamers and creators. For several years, Nvidia has continued to invade the competition. To continue its momentum, the brand has implemented the RTX 3090 graphics card. It is also one of the largest and most powerful on the market. Indeed, it offers unparalleled 3D rendering and breathtaking 8K gaming graphics. Something to please all gamers! This device stands out above all for its performance in the world of gaming and its RAM.

All models featured use the Ampere architecture and a combination of top-quality cores. Since many manufacturers each offer their own RTX 3090 graphics card , the choice remains complicated. You will find all the details on this material in this article to simplify your task.

Best RTX 3090 Graphics Cards In 2022

ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3090 White Edition

This limited edition of the ROG Strix GeForce RTX ™ 3090 features an all-white color scheme in addition to all the generational improvements of the ROG Strix series. Now is your chance to build a high-end white-themed gaming rig with the latest in graphics technology.


Our Axial-tech fan design is optimized for a new, larger heatsink that features more fins and surface area than the last generation. Blade count increases on all three fans, with 13 on the center fan and 11 on the auxiliary fans. The barrier ring on the side fans is slimmed down to allow more side intake and provide better airflow through the cooling array. Additional center fan blades and a full-height ring provide increased static pressure to send air directly to the GPU heat spreader.

To reinforce the specialized functions of the center and auxiliary fans, the direction of rotation of the center fan is reversed. This reduces air turbulence within the cooling array for another boost to overall thermal performance. The fans also turn off completely when the card’s power consumption is low and the GPU temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius, keeping noise levels low when the system is under light load.

To heat the die and enter the heat sink die, we’ve used MaxContact technology to polish the surface of the heat spreader to improve smoothness on a microscopic level. The additional flatness allows for better contact with the matrix to improve heat transfer.

The heat spreader draws heat into heat pipes that carry it through a fin stack that occupies a large 2.9-slot footprint. The increased size of the heat sink compared to the last generation provides more thermal headroom to account for the new high-performance chipset.

The shroud, fans, metal accents, and backplate are all carefully color-matched to give the Strix an aesthetic tailored for ice-white builds.

Asus TUF Gaming RTX 3090 graphics card

Want to enjoy an immersive and unparalleled gaming experience, let yourself be tempted by the Asus TUF Gaming RTX 3090 graphics card. This model is equipped with streaming multiprocessors for a faster and more efficient GPU. In addition, this element has the advantage of optimizing the energy efficiency of the GPU. With 2nd generation RT cores and 3rd generation Tensor cores, this version offers increased performance compared to previous generations. With these cores, this device offers excellent ray tracing and shading ensuring good performance. With dual ball bearing axial fans, the Asus TUF Gaming RTX 3090 graphics card provides efficient cooling. In addition, the central fan advances a reverse rotation mechanism. To ensure the durability of this equipment,

  • Robust and efficient.
  • Well thought out ventilation system.
  • Durable and provides good resolution.
  • Emits a slight noise.
  • Software quality to be improved.
  • Sensitive to dust.

MSI Gaming X Trio 24G RTX 3090 Graphics Card

To benefit from a unique gaming experience, the use of a high-performance graphics card is essential. The RTX 3090 MSI Gaming X Trio 24G graphics card answers precisely this cord. To ensure you a great feat, it embeds an Nvidia Ampere architecture. It is supported by the presence of second generation RT cores and third generation Tensor cores guaranteeing higher performance. This version is also equipped with a TRI FROZR 2 thermal system to keep the device at a good operating temperature. This way, you don’t have to worry about overheating during your gaming sessions. In addition, the MSI Gaming X Trio 24G RTX 3090 graphics card is equipped with dual bearing Torx Fan 4.0 fans for efficient cooling.

  • Good temperature balance.
  • Make no noise.
  • Well made design and finish.
  • Tends to heat up quickly.
  • Gets dirty easily.
  • Likely to trigger a blue screen.

3 RTX 3090 PNY 24GB XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan Graphics Card

An exceptional gaming experience is only possible with a good quality graphics card. The RTX 3090 PNY 24GB XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan graphics card is a well-made model that deserves your attention when you are looking for the best version. With structural sparsity or DLSS technologies associated with third-generation Tensor cores, this model offers greater performance than previous versions. In addition, it has second-generation RT cores promising high performance and combines with ray tracing and shading. The RTX 3090 PNY 24GB XLR8 Gaming Revel Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan graphics card also features 24GB GDDR6X RAM which offers fast speed to ensure more fluidity.

  • Very low latency.
  • Good sound and video quality.
  • Easy to install.
  • Price a bit expensive.
  • Lighting to be improved.
  • Fairly flimsy packaging.

4 RTX 3090 Gigabyte Xtreme 24G GV-N3090AORUS X-24GD Graphics Card

If you want to have a powerful machine to indulge in the practice of video games, equip yourself with the RTX 3090 Gigabyte Xtreme 24G GV-N3090AORUS X-24GD graphics card. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique and exceptional gaming experience. To do this, this version is equipped with second-generation RT cores which have the capacity to provide very good performance. It is also equipped with third-generation Tensor cores which promise high performance. With a dimension of 31.9 x 14 x 7 cm, this version turns out to be easy to install and is not too bulky. With a RAM of 24 GB GDDR6, this equipment has a high speed. To ensure proper cooling of your equipment,

  • Very good aesthetics.
  • Makes no disturbing noise.
  • Light, but effective.
  • Software quality to be improved.
  • Sensitive to scratches.
  • Requires regular maintenance to avoid dust encrustation.

5 RTX 3090 PNY 24GB XLR8 Gaming Uprising Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan Graphics Card

The RTX 3090 PNY 24GB XLR8 Gaming Uprising Epic-X RGB™ Triple Fan graphics card is a good piece of equipment to acquire for an unparalleled gaming experience. This model essentially offers multiprocessors ensuring increased efficiency and high performance. With a frequency of 1695 MHz, this version offers excellent fluidity. With a good resolution of ‎7680 × 4320 pixels, this device promises a clear and exceptional display. It should be noted that this hardware also embeds a RAM with a capacity of 24 GB GDDR6X which offers fast speed with low latency speed. Like this, you have the opportunity to gain the upper hand over your opponents. With a well studied design,

  • High and smooth performance.
  • Resistant and durable.
  • Well studied design.
  • Requires regular maintenance to avoid dust encrustation.
  • Price a bit expensive.
  • Unspectacular LED lighting.


How to choose an RTX 3090 graphics card?

The RTX 3090 graphics card is one of the newest on the market. Its level of performance particularly distinguishes it. Indeed, it uses a specific cooling system for a breathtaking gaming experience. It also stands out for its quiet operation. Enough to make the most of a good match without disturbing those around you! Powerful, this device especially meets the expectations of creative professionals. Currently, a multitude of manufacturers present different models of accessories. Some are titanic and expensive, while others are not. Thus, before starting your buying process, you must know your needs. To do this, try to determine the use you intend to make of it. Next, set your budget to narrow your search. Finally,

1 The cooling system

The RTX 3090 card has seen a marked improvement in terms of cooling. Overlocked models promote heat dissipation by opting for a mixture of watercooling and fan systems. Others, however, use up to 3 fans (iCX3 Technology or WINDFORCE 3X depending on the brand) to limit any risk of heating throughout the game. The temperature remains low even if you launch greedy games .

2 Design

Then you can refer to the aesthetic appearance of the RTX 3090 graphics card . All models are different from each other. Nevertheless, most of them sport a sober, yet elegant design. To improve your experience and create a good atmosphere, some brands have put forward devices with RGB lighting. Others have focused on heat dissipation by favoring the backplate attached to the back of the accessory.

3 Food

When looking for the best RTX 3090 graphics card in physical stores or online, find out about its power supply. Although it is one of the most powerful models of the RTX 3000 series, be aware that it requires an ordinary power supply of 850 W. Also, it must be equipped with a new 12-pin plug. By opting for these two elements, you benefit from all the advantages of this monster.


Before making a final decision, do not forget to inform yourself about the amount of RAM of the RTX 3090 graphics card . Generally, it has a GDDR6X type memory with 24 GB of RAM . It must also generate a bandwidth of up to 936 GB/s. Enough to considerably meet the expectations of players and scene creators! All you have to do is let your imagination run wild and it will do the rest of the work for you!

How to use an RTX 3090 graphics card?

For the realization of all creative projects, the RTX 3090 graphics card could do the trick ! It combines, in fact, several features that are not found or less in other models. If you have just received your package, you can now unpack it and check its condition. Then, you must know all the steps to follow to use it correctly. Don’t worry, the gestures will come naturally over time. Here are precisely 3 important points that you must take into account during and after its use. Focus!

1 Installation under Windows

If you are familiar with computer hardware and its handling, you can proceed with a manual installation. The first step is to navigate to the manufacturer’s site and go to its download page. Then, select the various options from the drop-down lists before clicking Search. All you have to do is download the driver. For the last step, you must follow the instructions displayed on the screen .

2 Automatic update

Otherwise, you must use the Drive Easy tool. Download it first and then install. Then run it before hitting Scan Now. The device will find the most appropriate driver for your RTX 3090 graphics card . For your part, you must click on update. Once the latest version is downloaded, just install it and you’re done! If you want to benefit from all missing drivers, tap Update All.

3 The interview

Over time, the RTX 3090 graphics card ends up filling with dust. However, the latter can impact its operation. This reason explains why you should clean it without necessarily having to disassemble it. Remember to gently remove the dust embedded between the fan blades of your RTX 3090 with a can of compressed air. Check the type of fan carefully to better position the product. Finally, clean the surface of the accessory with a wipe.

RTX or GTX graphics card

If you’re reading this guide, it’s because you’re looking for a good graphics card for your computer. On the other hand, buying an RTX for your first computer is not necessarily the best choice. They cost more than GTX gaming graphics cards . Read our buying guides:

Best GPU Brands

If we tell you Intel , AMD , Nvidia or MSI ? If these words mean nothing to you, know that these are the best GPU brands on the market. Our team offers you a selection of the best brands of the moment.

FAQ: All about RTX 3090 graphics cards?

What is the performance of the RTX 3090 graphics card?

The RTX 3090 has a high GPU boost frequency since it reaches up to 1700 MHz. Despite its power, it stands out for its energy consumption. Indeed, the figure is around 350 W according to the manufacturers. Clearly, it far exceeds the competition on this point. With a weight around 2 kg, it uses a good cooling system that improves its smooth operation.

What is the noise level of the RTX 3090 graphics card?

Many users are worried about the noise of the RTX 3090. The figure is relatively correct, since it is around 42 dB. This index is clearly explained by the presence of a cooling system which consists of cutting the ventilation when the temperature of the graphics card is within 40°C. To limit noise pollution!

Where to buy an RTX 3090 graphics card?

Several merchant sites currently offer a multitude of 3090 graphics card models . To find a better deal, do not hesitate to rely on reputable sites and resellers. If you want to be satisfied with the service, the quality of the device and the price, consider visiting the official website of the manufacturer beforehand.

How much does the RTX 3090 graphics card cost?

Price is the most important parameter of choice when purchasing computer components. Since the RTX 3090 is one of the most powerful , it is obvious that it is offered at a somewhat high price. Indeed, to acquire this graphics card, you need around 1540 euros. The figure can go up to more than 2500 euros depending on the brand and model. If you’re looking for low-cost GPUs , there are graphics cards under $100 .

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