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Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 2022

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Ultrawide gaming monitor is the next biggest thing happening in the monitor market. Just as 16:9 aspect ratio were a revolution compared to 4:3 aspect ratio monitors, these 21:9 are the next revolution.

Note that ultrawide monitors are different than widescreen monitors. The latter pertains to 16:9 aspect ratio screens. The benefits of ultrawide monitors are obviouLG 34UC79G-Bs. You get a large continuous screen on which you can multitask easily. However, besides that it has its advantages for the gaming as well.

You can make your gaming experience a lot more immersive with these monitors. The latest ultrawide monitors even feature curved screen to take your gaming experience to an even greater level. It is safe to say that curved 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitors are the epitome of screen technology. They offer the latest technologies available in the market.

Other than gaming, ultrawide monitors are also excellent for work. Professionals are almost all switching to Ultrawide screens due to the more real estate that they provide.

That is enough for the introduction. Let us now look at some of the ultrawide gaming monitors available in the market.

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List of Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Here is a list of all the best ultrawide gaming monitors that available in the market right. Be warned, however, because some of these monitors can get very expensive.

You can get a very decent computer for yourself at some of the prices these monitors are selling.

Acer Predator X34

This is the monitor that swept the market with its design and functionality. It is the epitome of IPS panel gaming monitors. This monitor features a curved screen granting you an immersive gaming experience. On top of that, this monitor has a resolution of 3440 x 1440 resolution.

This is a huge resolution, just make sure your gaming rig has the power to support high graphics on such a large resolution.

Furthermore, this monitor is packed with features including the NVIDIA G-Sync technology that reduces screen tear and stutter. Make sure you have a compatible NVIDIA graphics card to benefit from this technology.

This monitor is also suited for professional work thanks to its coverage of 99% of sRGB.


ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q is in direct competition with Acer Predator X34. They have almost the same specs. They are also almost the same price. The only thing different about the two is design.

This monitor offers a stand that is a beauty to behold. The overall quality of this monitor is perhaps one of the best in the market. As a result, it also happens to be one of the most expensive in the market.

This monitor is loaded with technology that caters specifically to gamers. It has several modes, visual technologies as well as goodies to make your gaming experience better.

Acer Predator Z35


This monitor may not have WQHD resolution like the two monitors above; it does have other features to make it up for the drawback considerably. First things first, this is a much more affordable screen as compared to the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q and Acer Predator X34. Secondly, this monitor does not feature a 34 inch IPS panel. Instead, this display offers 35-inch screen size with VA panel.

VA panel is much similar to IPS panel; however, it also has a much more superior static contrast ratio. This means better color accuracy. Furthermore, this monitor has 2 x 9W speakers; this is among the most powerful speakers that can be integrated on monitors.

It has a resolution of 2560 x 1080. This is slightly larger than FHD resolution. The good news is that your gaming rig will have no issue running games on ultra high graphics on this much resolution as compared to on WQHD resolution.

Unlike the two monitors above, this monitor has 144 Hz refresh (overclockable to 200 Hz). This is yet another major plus point for this ultrawide gaming monitor.

BenQ XR3501 Monitor – 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor

Supported by an exceptional feature of VA panel, this 144Hz ultrawide gaming monitor displays has triple the static contrast ratio of IPS or TN panel. This is a rather affordable monitor as far as the trend for ultrawide gaming monitor goes.

This is a curved screen, which not only adds to the aesthetics but also makes your experience a lot more immersive. Having a few of these monitors put side by side would encompass your whole view. Albeit, this would be very costly.

This is not a WQHD monitor. It is a standard ultrawide FHD screen. To many, this is a delight because then their hardware can support graphics at high settings. WQHD resolution requires a lot of processing power.

HP Envy 34c Monitor

This is a professional monitor that you can use for gaming. The greatest thing about this monitor is its price tag. It is one of the cheapest 34-inch WQHD monitors in the market. Like most of the ultrawide gaming monitors listed here, this monitor also has a curved screen.

The monitor has excellent connectivity options and even treats you with a set of 6W speakers. It does not have a G-Sync or Free-Sync, nor does it have a high refresh rate. However, it does have one of the best values in the market.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this monitor is its slower than average response time.

Samsung S34E790C Monitor

This is yet another curved WQHD monitor that features a VA panel with a very high static contrast ratio. Unlike the HP screen above, this monitor offers a fast response time that the gamers would find to their taste.

This wonderfully designed ultrawide monitor has deep blacks showing warm colors to the users with a hint of theatrical experience. This monitor has multiple connectivity options featuring one Displayport and two HDMI inputs. It has a 3.5 mm headphone out and has a USB hub connector for four USB ports. It has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is quite reasonable for this price category.

Dell U3415W Monitor

This monitor is available at a great bargain on Amazon.com. Dell U3415W Monitor is a 34-inch ultrawide monitor built rather for professional use. With its 100% sRGB coverage and high color accuracy, this is a display that professionals would love.

Fortunately, it can also be used as a gaming monitor. Since it suffers from a slow response time, it wouldn’t be the first on your list.

The thing is if you are a professional graphic designer, video editor or a photographer who also happens to be a gamer, then this is the monitor for you.

LG 34UC79G-B

This is the latest addition to the series of widescreen curved monitors released in the market recently. This is an Ultrawide Gaming Monitor in all shape and form.

The monitor has a 34-inch screen size. It offers a resolution of 2560×1080. This is Ultrawide Full HD display. Although it does not have WQHD or 4K resolution, it is perfect for casual gaming rigs.

One of the best features of this monitor is that it offers an IPS panel. In addition to that, it provides 5 ms of response time. This is relatively fast for an IPS monitor.

On top of all that, it has the refresh rate of 144Hz.

LG 34UC98-W Monitor


This monitor is beautiful to look at. It is simple in its design, and that is where the essence of its beauty lies. This LG 34UC9 features a smooth and sleek silver metal back featuring a chrome stand.

This is an IPS monitor that has one of the fastest response times in the market. Like many monitors of this category, this is also primarily a professional monitor. It covers 100% sRGB color gamut. Along with that, the biggest attraction of this monitor is the thunderbolt port. Not only does it let you transfer at 10 gigabits per second, but it is also an important port for connecting with MAC systems.

Acer XR341CK Monitor

This monitor is the less powerful version of the Acer Predator X34. It is also a much cheaper one. This screen offers an IPS panel with 4 ms response time. This monitor is essentially the jack of all trades. You can use this for gaming or professional work. It offers extensive connectivity and also a large WQHD resolution.

29 Inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

There aren’t a lot of 29-inch ultrawide gaming monitors out there if you compare with the number of 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor.

One of the biggest reason why one would opt for a 29-inch ultrawide gaming monitor over 34 inch is due to the price point. 29 inch are far cheaper than their 34-inch counterparts. They do not have as extensive features like 34 inch naturally, but they have all the bells and whistles to keep an average gamer satisfied.

Here is the thing, if you are considering getting a decent 24-inch gaming monitor, then 29-inch gaming monitor is something that you can also consider. They both fall in the same price range.

Here is the list.

LG 29UM68-P

This is one of the most famous 29-inch gaming monitor hands down. It has garnered huge support from its customers. It is for this reason that this monitor has almost flawless reviews.

This monitor has a resolution of 2560×1080. This is usually abbreviated as FHD+. It does not have a QHD+ resolution. For some this could be a blessing. Running a high resolution also requires a very powerful graphics card.

If you have a mid-range gaming PC, then this is the perfect monitor for you. It even boasts 99% sRFB color coverage. Meaning you can perform professional work should you require.


This is a highly elegant piece of work. This 29-inch monitor is nearly frameless. It hails from the famous ASUS Designo series of displays that boast beautiful looks. It can easily be the center of attraction in your living room.

This monitor offers a superior IPS panel, 2560×1080 resolution and various technologies to improve your experience. This covers 100% sRGB meaning it has a professional grade color quality.

This monitor also comes built in with quality speakers.

Although this isn’t a gaming monitor on paper, it can surely be used as one.

Which Screen Size to Go For?


Are you still undecided about what screen size to go for? The thing is, ultrawide monitors are new and as is the case with all new technology, people are a bit reluctant. Rest assured; these screens have been tried and tested by many average and professionals users already. All they have to comment for these monitors is praise.

Now within the ultrawide monitor category, there are many different screen sizes. The ultrawide monitors, or monitors with 21:9 aspect ratio are offered in two sizes currently: 29 inches and 34 inches (there are slightly bigger variants like 35 inches and smaller like 25-inch monitors).

The 29-inch monitors were the first to hit the market, and they paved the way for larger ultrawide monitors. However, the 29-inch monitors are not unique. They cost almost the same as 30 inches 16:9 screens and have the same resolution. So productivity wise, you had the same resolution or the real estate to work on both classes of monitors.

When comparing with 29-inch ultrawide monitors, many would find the 30-inch monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio a bit more productive because of their adjustability options like tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjustment – something which ultrawide monitors lack. Plus, due to the familiarity of the 16:9 aspect ratio you would naturally be more reluctant to try out the 29-inch ultrawide monitors because too many they are still a bit odd.

However, things change when you start to consider 34-inch ultrawide monitors. These are the game changers and can be the new trend setters for the monitor market.

34-inch ultrawide monitors boast a resolution of up to 3440 x 1440. This can give you enough space to work with four windows open. They still lack the full adjustability options, but since they are the cream of the brand they have all the high-end features. Some are even beginning to offer 144Hz refresh rates.

34 inch is the best size of ultrawide gaming monitor, and it is also the perfect size for productivity. If 29-inch size monitors did not tickle your fancy, these monitors most certainly would do.

Therefore, the sweet spot for Ultrawide gaming monitor is 34 inch.

What options do you have for 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor?

144Hz is the new hype in the monitor market, especially in the gaming department. Unlike most of the technologies, this is not a gimmick. The difference between a conventional 60Hz monitor a 144Hz is profoundly great.

You wouldn’t know how amazing motion looks on 144Hz until you have witnessed it first hand yourself. It’s like it will open up a whole new area of your brain that was previously unexplored. Although I am exaggerating a bit there, my point remains that it is something that you got to see to believe. 144Hz and ultrawide gaming monitor are just the perfect combinations that everyone had been waiting for.

A higher refresh rate means how fast the monitor refreshes itself. So the faster it updates, the more frames, you will be able to see. Note that this is not the same as frame rate. The frame rate is not the attribute of the monitor but the system. A good refresh rate will only matter if you have a system that can maintain a high enough frame rate. What this means is that you need a very powerful system if you are planning on running games at ultra high graphics while keeping a high frame rate to utilize the high refresh rates of the monitor.

With that said, what are some of the amazing 144Hz Ultrawide Monitors that you can get in the market? We have already mentioned two above, BenQ XR3501 Monitor, and Acer Predator Z35, are there any other? Now we can understand why the BenQ or the Acer monitors would not appeal to you: they are super expensive. This is not something that everyone can readily afford. Let us tell you though that almost all of the monitors with such specification would be super expensive.

Currently, there is no other monitor available with these specs. It has been rumored that Samsung would be launching its 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor at around one thousand bucks; however, the release date and other details are unknown.

Ultrawide Gaming Monitor vs. Dual Monitors


When it comes to comparing ultrawide gaming monitor with dual monitors, generally the main advantage of ultrawide monitors over dual monitors is the real estate continuity. This real estate and continuity let you manage multiple projects applications on a single display so that you can easily navigate from one window to another without having any difficulty.

It seems useless having two or three displays when you have to struggle to scroll between your documents eventually. The ultrawide monitors provide a single display to fit in all of your work or windows. There is only one slight issue though if you are looking for faster refresh rate, 144Hz Ultrawide Monitors are rare and expensive. They have just started to hit the market. Whereas, you can easily find them on 24-inch monitors at a much cheaper price tags.

Most of the 34-inch ultrawide monitors have VESA compatible mounting, along with all the needed ports and connectors. Moreover, the adjustable stand which facilitates the user to adjust the screen according to his comfort and ease

Eventually, it all comes down to your budget. If you have the budget for spending on ultrawide monitors, then you should rather go for them. Remember, when looking for specs, the sky could be the limit. For example, if you are looking for 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor, then be ready to pay a hefty sum.

Having a number of ultrawide gaming monitors in the market, it all comes down to which one to go for. Each representing a package of unique qualities, it becomes a big task for the user to select and buy one. It was the aim of this article to give you the best possible solutions for ultrawide gaming monitors. We hope that you found what you are looking.

Features of Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Aspect Ratio

Mostly the standard aspect ratio observed in monitors is 16:9. Monitors featuring this aspect ratio are commonly dubbed as widescreen monitors. So what makes ultrawide screen monitors different from them? It is the 21:9 aspect ratio. With such an aspect ratio, the screen becomes much wider. If FHD for 16:9 is 1920 x 1080 for a 21:9 monitor it would translate to 2560 x 1080. This grants you more real estate to work on. For users watching series or movies, it enables them to experience a theatrical view.

Screen Resolution

One of the features of these monitors is the screen resolution. Delivering a 2560 x 1080 or 3440 x 1440 pixels, these screens provide you with an option of much larger real estate as compared to an average widescreen monitor. You can have programs, games or videos on the same display without having any difficulty of navigating between them. The extraordinary resolution makes these ultrawide monitors beneficial for not only gamers but also professionals.


Ultrawide gaming monitor has a special set of features that makes it stand out from the rest. This includes a unique design profile, a very high refresh rate, slow response time, and dedicated game modes. These monitors also feature technologies like G-Sync, Free-Sync, ULMB, etc.

Screen Splitter Option

This screen splitter option provides the users with a function that can accept multiple inputs and split them by quadrant on a single display. Having your laptop and your desktop on a single screen is not something ordinary monitors provide.


As the consumer demand has now started to rise, their prices have become competitive. However, they are still quite expensive. The price depends on the size. If you go for a 25-inch monitor, then you can find them at almost the same price as any 24-inch monitors. A 29-inch ultrawide monitor is also very competitive regarding price with a 27-inch monitor. However, when it comes to 34-inch ultrawide monitor, the price tags soar beyond reasonable limits.

Requires Only One HDMI or Display Port

The ultrawide monitors only need one HDMI or DisplayPort 1.2. Compare that to dual monitors; you will need two of them.


Ultrawide gaming monitor is like a dream come true for many gamers. With these displays, you no longer need to plan out a multiple monitor display for a long horizontal display. You no longer have to worry about bezels.

Additionally, Ultrawide monitors, with an aspect ratio of 21:9, give you a panoramic view. They are not just suited for gaming but are also excellent for professional use.

These monitors can be found in a few sizes. The common ones include 25 inches, 29 inches, and 34 inches. We believe that sweet spot for ultrawide gaming monitors is the 34-inch size. Unfortunately, they are expensive.

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