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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan shows the way out of Abdu Rojic in anger? The land slipped under the feet of the family

Abdu Rozik Elimination in Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik’s card has been cleared from Bigg Boss 16. Salman Khan got angry and ordered Abdu to leave Bigg Boss 16.

Abdu Rozik Elimination in Bigg Boss 16: ‘Bigg Boss 16’ Everyone in the house is trying to save himself. The housemates are ready to do anything to survive in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Recently, the family members made Abdu Rojic a scapegoat to avoid nomination. Abdu Rojic was nominated by the family members saying that he has a tremendous fan following. fans abdu Rozik (Abdu Rozik) Won’t let you go anywhere. This act of family members Salman Khan The temperature has gone up.

In anger, Salman Khan has thrown Abdu Rojic out of the show. Before dismissing Abdu Rojic, Salman Khan did a good class for all the family members. Salman Khan was seen saying in Bigg Boss 16 Friday Ka Vaar, I am proud of Abdu Rojic. Abdu Rojic is the only contestant in the house of Bigg Boss 16 who neither does evil to anyone nor talks nonsense. Abdu Rojic deserves to be on these shows.

Salman Khan furious in Bigg Boss 16

Further Salman Khan said, all of you are learning something from Abdu Rojic. Abdu Rojic’s family has given him good values. All of you have nominated Abdu Rojic saying that he has many fans. Now you guys are going to see the result of this decision. Abdu Rojic is leaving the Bigg Boss 16 house today.

Watch the video of Bigg Boss 16 episode-

Abdu Rojic’s elimination is fake

Hearing this talk of Salman Khan, all the members of the house were astonished. No one could believe the words of Salman Khan. Nimrat Ahluwalia was also seen crying after hearing the news of Abdu Rojic’s elimination. The news of Abdu Rojic’s elimination has rocked social media. People are constantly holding classes for family members. At the same time, some people are calling the nomination of Abdu Rojic as fake. However, in today’s episode it will be clear whether Abdu Rojic will be out of Bigg Boss 16 or not.

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