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Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen Bhanot called women weak, Gauhar Khan said- ‘Your birth from this…’

Gauahar Khan Slammed Shalin Bhanot: During the captioning task in Bigg Boss 16, Shaleen Bhanot called women weak, now actress Gauahar Khan has reacted to Shaleen’s statement.

Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan’s famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has become a lot of headlines these days. Ex-contestants of Bigg Boss are also continuously tweeting about the show. Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan is also constantly seen voicing her opinion on the uproar going on in the show. After regaining consciousness of Shiv Thackeray and MC Stan, now Gauhar Khan’s anger has erupted on Shaleen Bhanot. In fact, during a task recently, Shaleen had called Gautam Vij as weak as women.

regarding the captaincy task Shaleen Bhanot Told Gautam Vij that she is a woman and she is weak, so Gautam should not participate in the captaincy task. However, Gauhar Khan did not like this comment of Shaleen Bhanot at all and the actress reprimanded him for this comment of Shaleen.

Gauhar Khan’s tweet went viral

Gauhar Khan wrote in tweeting, “Shalin Bhanot women are not weak. Calling Gautam a woman is derogatory, extremely disappointing. If you want to insult people, do it on the personality of the people. How strong women are, it is on your birth and this You should know. Your mother is a woman too, show some respect.” Also read: Exclusive! Shefali Jariwala will enter Bigg Boss 16 as a wild card contestant! Said favorite to Abdu

not merely Gauhar Khan publicly scolded the contestants for smoking cigarettes in the house. He wrote, “Smoking cigarettes in the open even after so many warnings, what is this all about. It has nothing to do with the rules.” People are commenting a lot on these tweets of Gauhar Khan and giving their feedback.

One user commented, “Which rules are you talking about. Rules are in name only in Bigg Boss. In fact physical violence and smoking in the open is common in Bigg Boss house. No rules in Bigg Boss house.” No. If makers can go against the rules then why would anyone else follow any other rule.”

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