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Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thackeray caught Shaleen’s neck in the midst of a fight, Gauhar Khan showed the mirror

Gauahar Khan Slams Shiv Thakare Bigg Boss 16: During the fight on Salman Khan’s explosive show Bigg Boss 16, Shiv Thackeray grabbed Shaleen Bhanot’s neck. Regarding this matter, now Gauhar Khan has started a class of Shiv Thackeray, as well as MC Stan has also taken a dig at him.

Gauahar Khan Slams Shiv Thakare Bigg Boss 16: In Salman Khan’s big bang show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ these days fights are being seen daily. Where last week Archana Gautam and Shiv Thackeray (Shiv Thakare) had a fierce fight, while this week Shalin Bhanot and mc stan (MC Stan) clashed with each other. But Shiv Thackeray also jumped into his fight. It is being told that in the midst of the quarrel, Shiv Thackeray grabbed Shaleen Bhanot by the neck. Displeasure was seen among the people regarding this matter. At the same time, Gauhar Khan has also targeted Shiv Thackeray. Along with this, he supported Shaleen Bhanot in the previous day’s fight. Also Read – Bigg Boss 16: Rahul Vaidya wants to throw MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray out of the show, calling Sumbul a clown

Gauahar Khan expressed her displeasure over Shiv Thackeray holding Shaleen Bhanot’s neck, and also slammed MC Stan. Gauahar Khan wrote in her tweet, “Shiv literally grabbed Shaleen’s face and pushed her in the back, near the neck. So shouldn’t Shiv have excused himself? Shaleen did nothing wrong yesterday. She was stung. He had abused unnecessarily. His language is already bad. His whole group is full of miscreants.

Please tell that apart from Gauahar Khan, Rahul Vaidya is also MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray appeared against. He tweeted, calling MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray wrong and wrote, “Both were very wrong today and both have physically assaulted Shaleen. Both should be thrown out of the house. It was Stan who first abused Shaleen.” And Shiv scratched Shaleen’s face, which is really wrong and not acceptable.” Also Read – These stars became victims of age shaming in Bigg Boss, embarrassed due to growing age

What was the case of Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan?
tell that bigg boss 16 In Bigg Boss 16, MC Stan had abused Shaleen Bhanot on the previous day. On this, Shalin Bhanot also left no stone unturned to tell him the opposite and started abusing his parents. Stan was enraged upon hearing the abuse for the family and resolved to kill Shaleen. Also Read – Sajid Khan became a victim of shaming in Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam made fun of him by calling him an old man

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