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Common Things You Have to Know Before Buying a Graphics Card

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The graphics card is, without a doubt, the component that makes us dream the most when we decide to buy our first gaming pc or, for the bravest, to compose it ourselves.

However, unless you are an expert in the field, it is very difficult to find yourself in this battle between the two biggest manufacturers that are Nvidia and AMD. A battle where the power of the graphics card may be one of the main arguments.

We think that the more powerful the graphics card, the more we will be able to run big games in high quality. But your graphics card does not work on its own. It works in concert with the other components of your pc and especially your processor.

It is the latter that will take care of a large part of the data sent by your graphics card. If your card is very powerful and your processor is not at all, your graphics card will be of no use to you because it is limited by the calculation speed of your CPU. In other words, it is essential to harmonize the powers of these 2 components.

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Buy your graphics card without taking into account the screen resolution

Your screen has 2 essential components that you need to know which are:

  • screen size
  • screen resolution _

These 2 components are often confused when they have nothing to do with each other.

The size of your screen is the diagonal of it, which is expressed in inches while the resolution (we are talking about the maximum resolution that your screen can reach and which is set by default) is the number of pixels that your screen can display, expressed in 2 values ​​that are vertical and horizontal pixels.

Understand that the higher your resolution, the more you will have to choose a graphics card capable of displaying as many pixels on your screen. Unless you want to play on your 4k screen only in HD of course.

Conversely, do not succumb to marketing arguments, and do not buy a graphics card to play in 4k if you have a screen that can only broadcast FULL HD.

The main question to ask yourself is: What graphics card do I need?

Which graphics card for pc gamers to choose?

Not defining your needs in advance risks making you fall into the traps on your way to becoming a buyer who can be seduced by eye-catching packaging and insane power. I assure you, many of us fell for it (for me it was when Battlefield 3 was released). This is why the 2 mistakes to avoid above will greatly help you with this.

Now it’s important to avoid overstretching your budget with something that doesn’t suit you. Conversely, you must be aware that if your needs are substantial and you need a lot of power, you will have to invest a good sum. Remember that 20 to 30% of a PC’s budget generally goes to the graphics card.

With all this information, you are sure to make the right choice!

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