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Everything you need to know about the Intel HD graphics card

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When you have to choose a computer, the processor is not the only point on which you should stop. The graphics card is another essential element to take into account, guaranteeing the performance of the machine. This is in particular the component that will be decisive for the graphics performance of your PC. Therefore, the graphics card must also correspond to the use you are going to make of your computer. We are going to talk to you in the next few lines about the Intel HD Graphics .

Introducing Intel HD Graphics

Intel HD Graphics is a configuration found in some PC models. These include a processor that was designed by the Intel brand. As a reminder, Intel is a brand of American origin, which specializes in the field of computing, and more particularly in that of microprocessors, motherboards and graphics processors. To be much clearer, the Intel HD Graphics is not a graphics card , but rather a simple component of the card. It is a graphics processor, which is used to convert digital data into graphic data. In other words, it is responsible for processing the images from the computer.

1 The Intel HD Graphics configuration

Early Intel HD Graphics processors integrated directly into the motherboard . At that time, they were called Intel GMAs. In 2010, the configurations changed. The Intel HD Graphics was then integrated into the central processor, or to the system for chips. Since then, we talk about integrated graphics processor to designate the Intel HD Graphics. This is referred to as an integrated graphics processor, as opposed to a dedicated graphics processor. A dedicated graphics processor is made up of separate memory. The integrated chip, on the contrary, does not have its own RAM, it shares the memory of the computer with the whole system. Thus, the Intel HD Graphics offers what is called shared memory. Shared memory does not of course offer the same performance as a dedicated model. However, this is not a problem in itself. Depending on what you want to use your computer for, an integrated graphics processor or the Intel HD Graphics could be just fine.

2 Why use Intel HD Graphics?

As you will have understood, the graphics processor is decisive for the power of the computer. But of course, you have to refer to your computer activities. For example, if you only do bureaucratic processing, or texts, in this case, the technical performance required will be minimal. The Intel HD Graphics is an integrated processor. The memory it uses is the same as that shared by the whole system. It does not offer the same performance for graphics processing as a dedicated model. However, for everyday use, the Intel HD Graphics will do just fine : office applications, internet browsing, games that don’t require a lot of resources.

If you work in the field of multimedia processing, or if you are a video game enthusiast, you will not be able to use the Intel HD Graphics . Opt for a dedicated graphics card instead. However, you should also know that the dedicated processor will tend to overheat.

3 What about the performance of the Intel HD Graphics in this case?

Now you should understand more or less how to use and what Intel HD Graphics is . But you should know that the performance is not the same, because not all graphics processors are created equal. Each model offers its own graphics processing capability. To identify the performance of the Intel HD Graphics, it is necessary to refer mainly to the references displayed on the model. The power of the processor is measured according to the number of calculation units, texture units and ROP’s. You don’t necessarily have to understand the detailed structure of your GPU. It would be a little too complicated anyway if you are not a technician. You just need to stick to the component reference.

As for the Intel HD Graphics, there is no logical numerical order in the references. If you come across an Intel HD Graphics 630, it does not mean that this model is less efficient than the Intel HD Graphics 4000 . GPUs are categorized by generation, Gen 5, Gen 6, and Gen 7, etc. And in the same generation, it is the digital logic that will come into play. The principle is as follows, the more recent the generation of the chip, the better the performance will be. And the higher the benchmark, the better the GPU is intended to perform.

How to use Intel HD Graphics correctly?

It is quite possible to boost the memory of your laptop, equipped with Intel HD Graphics . Here are some solutions that will allow you to take advantage of the graphics performance of your PC.

1 Update drivers

Start by making sure your drivers are up to date. The update is simple and quick to do, if this is not the case. If you have the latest driver version, you can be sure to get the best performance for your laptop . Got an Intel Driver & Support Assistant, which will make your job much easier.

2 Make the right settings

When the drivers are up to date, it’s time to set up the graphics chip . You can do this directly via your desktop, by performing a simple right click. The “Graphic Property” settings should appear. Just click on it to bring up all your options.

3 Increase allocated memory

Even though it is an integrated memory, it is possible to modify the memory, by allocating to the processor a part of the RAM . To do this, you will go through the BIOS. The BIOS configuration is accessible when the device starts up, you just have to press F1, F2 and F11 depending on the model of machine you have. In addition, it is possible, if necessary, to equip your PC with an external graphics card. In this case, you will buy a small box, an electronic accessory that you will plug into your PC. It will be an external , dedicated graphics card .

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