We Acquired FrontWireStudios.com

FrontWireStudios.com has just been acquired by the FrontWires, at an undisclosed price.

Established in 2021, FWS aims to be the most promising website on technology and gaming.

Who We Are

We are a team of PC technicians and experts who have been in the industry for the past few years. We have tested and customized hundreds of products related to PC. Our expertise in the world of PC has led us to build an online community to help users.

What to expect?

With this acquisition, We will help gamers find the perfect parts for their rig by providing unbiased and in-depth reviews on all of these important pieces of your system.

ABOUT FrontWire Studios

We are a dedicated team of developers, designers, artists, programmers, and most importantly gaming enthusiasts, with a mission to change the way the video game industry interacts with and engages its community. By polling our users on features and concepts each step of the way we ensure that the final product is everything our fans desire.

Whether it be for distribution or to add to Galaxy in Turmoil’s ever-growing feature list, we have been fortunate enough to partner with some of the gaming industry’s top companies.

If you’re interested in chatting about the great things we can do together, feel free to drop us a line at the email address below.


Here at Frontwire Studios, we pride ourselves on delivering rich and polished experiences that our fanbase can enjoy and immerse themselves in.


Galaxy in Turmoil is Frontwire Studios’ flagship game and is currently in development.

In Galaxy in Turmoil, players take on the role of Roka, one of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenaries for hire, while she battles through the galaxy on a mission that will either save or destroy her universe. In multiplayer, players will assume the role of a soldier in one of three factions and battle for control in massive 64-player battles featuring full ground to space.

We Deliver Valuable Information Which Helps You To Get Gaming Gear Such As PC, monitors, Graphics Card, Etc.


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