GiT Update & Demo Date!

Hello Galaxy in Turmoil community!

It has been way too long since we’ve posted an update regarding Galaxy in Turmoil. Every day people ask us, “why are you guys so quiet?” and “is GiT still alive?”. The simple answer is – YES – Galaxy in Turmoil is still kicking along and making TONS of progress everyday. Each team member is working around the clock to ensure that we can bring our vision for Galaxy in Turmoil to our fans.

That is why this blog post is particularly exciting for us! After months of working behind closed doors and hearing the community cry for an answer to the question “What in the hell is 20XX supposed to mean?!?“, the entire team here at Frontwire Studios is proud to announce that we will be releasing the full Galaxy in Turmoil demo in Q3 of 2017.

I know you may be asking yourself why we are not releasing the demo until Q3 of 2017. The answer is simple – we want to make sure that the GiT demo is 100% playable and bug-free. Remember what I said a while ago in the blog post titled The Future of Galaxy in Turmoil? We refuse to crowdfund until you get the chance to play our demo and decide if you believe in the project enough to support us monetarily.

So we need to make sure we take as much time as possible to ensure that the demo is everything you could ever want. Rest assured, the demo will still contain a single player story (that I believe will BLOW you away) and multiplayer game modes with various maps and vehicles

For the inside scoop of what we are planning and to check out some EXCLUSIVE concept art we provided to our good friend Robby Thomas of Star Wars HQ, be sure to check out his latest video below!

There’s also one more thing…

We have heard the thousands of supporters who have asked for a console version of Galaxy in Turmoil, and for the longest time we have said that it would not be possible to get GiT on console. That is why I am very excited to announce that we are currently in (very positive) talks with Microsoft about the possibility of bringing Galaxy in Turmoil to Xbox for FREE! It is our hopes that within the next few months we will be able to officially announce support for Xbox consoles! Be sure to keep an eye out for more details about our ongoing discussion with Microsoft in the future.

The future is looking brighter for Galaxy in Turmoil everyday. From everyone here at Frontwire Studios, thank you for your continued support! We could not do this without each and every member of this community.

Tony Romanelli
Frontwire Studios