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How Much RAM Do I Need to Stream?

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If you want to stream with a PC, you have probably wondered how much RAM you would need. 

In this article, I will tell you exactly how much RAM you need, and why. 

How much RAM to stream and play?

16 GB is a sufficient amount of RAM for live streaming because it is the one that is suggested by the vast majority of developers to be able to run recent games in good conditions. However, it is recommended to have 32 GB of RAM if possible for more fluidity.

The truth is that the amount of RAM needed greatly depends on the games you are going to play.


In this article, we will take a look at the most popular games and see how much RAM they really need to run. 

The amount of RAM for streaming in 2022

If 16 GB of RAM remains a perfectly acceptable amount of RAM for streaming. I would now recommend that you turn to 32 GB kits. We will see games coming on the market that recommends having 32 GB of RAM with “Ultra” settings, as is the case with Flight Simulator.

Admittedly, not everyone wants to stream Flight Simulator, but if you want to play and broadcast live in the best conditions, then opt for a 32 GB RAM kit.

RAM usage by recent games

In this part, we will look at how much RAM your system will use during a game session. 

This will allow you to see in practice how much RAM you would need during real use, ie with programs running in the background. 

That said, it should be noted that the more RAM the PC has, the more it will be used, in particular, because Windows grants itself more RAM if you have more. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone

Let’s start with the game of the moment, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone. 

During a multiplayer game session, I was able to measure the amount of RAM used. 

The result: 13982 MB of RAM! I also had chrome with a few tabs open.

Although the minimum configuration to play it mentions 8GB of RAM, for a stream it is not at all suitable and you will still lose FPS for lack of memory. 

Thus, on Modern Warfare you will need 16 GB of RAM to be quiet during your stream. 

Battlefield 5

According to the Techspot article, Battlefield 5 would use up to 10.8 GB of RAM during a 64-player multiplayer session on the server. 

Again the minimum config to play it is 8 GB, but you probably understood that you will probably have just enough to run the game and nothing else. Again 16 GB and you will be sure to be quiet for your stream. 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Still according to the same article Assasin’s Creed Odyssey would be between 9.3 – 9.5 GB of RAM used by the system.
Again the minimum configuration to play it is 8 GB of RAM. 

We could maybe get by with 8 GB for streaming, but I would avoid having too many applications open in the background. 

With 16 GB you will be much more comfortable…


This will not surprise anyone but CS: GO is a fairly low memory-intensive game (at least compared to other games). Thus the game being coded in 32 bit it cannot exceed 4GB of RAM usage. 

So with 8GB you are wide enough to stream CS GO. And with a modest config, the game will run smoothly.

Apex Legends

EA’s battle royale is quite economical in its RAM usage. In this video we see that the system uses a total of up to 7Gb in a machine with 8GB of RAM. 

The game would therefore be streamable without a big problem, assuming that you don’t open 2000 tabs on Chrome at the same time. 

The game requires at least 6GB of RAM to run. But in 2020 nobody should buy a gaming PC with only 6GB of memory. The recommended config is more realistic and would allow the game to be streamed. 


The battle royale from Epic Games and one of the most popular streamer games go up to 5.3 GB of RAM in total system usage during a session as can be seen in this video. 

Fortnite is not very greedy, a PC with 8GB of RAM should be enough to stream it without too much trouble. Again, watch out for your use of Chrome. 


Valorant is the new competitive shooter from Riot Games which is currently in Beta test. The graphic style of the game, which does not aim for realism, allows it to be extremely light and to run on modest configurations. 

As a result, we are far from the 14 GB of RAM of Modern Wafare, we are rather on 5 GB at the most. 

So a config with 8GB of RAM should do the trick for streaming Valorant in good conditions. 


GTA 5 was released almost 7 years ago. It is still as popular as ever and while waiting for the release of the VI, you will have to be content with Streamer on GTA Online.
So how much does GTA need? At full speed the RAM usage can climb up to 7GB. Although 8GB seems sufficient to play it in good conditions, for streaming, it would be better to go up to 16GB instead to be comfortable. 

Conclusion: 16GB for streaming

Admittedly, on some games 8GB may be enough to be able to stream. We think in particular of all the less greedy titles like CS:GO, Fortnite, Valorant etc..

You will most certainly be able to get by if you only plan to stream/play these kinds of games. 

Once you have enough money, it seems essential to me to upgrade to 16GB as soon as possible. 

For AAA games, 16GB is mandatory for streaming.

Finally, be aware that it is not only the amount of RAM that matters, it is also necessary to take into account its speed. If you are wondering what is the ideal RAM frequency, I have made a detailed article on the subject.

Some will even say that 32GB isn’t that overkill anymore… We’re not there yet, but if you can afford a 32GB kit, I wouldn’t throw stones at you. 

If you’re looking to buy some RAM for your PC, we just posted an article about the best RAM kits you can buy.

Is 4GB of RAM Enough for Streaming?

4GB of RAM is barely enough for streaming and a few games, but not both.
Even yet, 4GB becomes less and less practical for streaming as time passes.
Streaming software such as OBS recommends at least 4GB and leaves no room for multitasking.

Is 8GB of RAM Enough for Streaming?

8GB of RAM is usually the bare minimum amount for streaming to Twitch or YouTube. That said, most modern games recommend 8GB just to play them. So, you have little to no ability to multitask, limiting your streaming software.

Is 16GB of RAM Enough for Streaming?

16GB or RAM is becoming the standard amount for streaming video games. It gives you enough power to run both the gaming you’re playing and your streaming software and other programs.

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