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Is It Possible To Stream On Twitch Over 4G?

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Do you want to know if you can stream on Twitch with a 4G mobile connection, in this article I will explain if it is possible, and how to do it. 

Can we stream with 4G?

It is possible to stream with a 4G connection. Although it is not optimal, the theoretical speeds in 4G are largely sufficient for streaming.

But be aware that although it is possible, 4G can pose problems for streaming. In the rest of the article, I will give you more details. 

Streamer with 4G: What you need to know

Many people do not have a good ADSL connection, and fibre is struggling to become popular. Thus, 4G connections are sometimes much faster than ADSL connections in underserved areas. 

Thus, in theory, the average 4G uplink speed is 13.31 Mbit/s, which is a sufficient speed for streaming. By the way, check out my guide if you don’t know what connection you need to stream on Twitch.

To stream in 4G, you will need a good plan, ie with a lot of data per month. The major operators offer 4G packages with a dedicated box. 

The main advantage of these packages is the amount of data available per month: 

  • Orange: 200 GB
  • Bouygues: unlimited
  • Free: 250 GB
  • SFR: 200 GB

A priori the most interesting seems to be the Bouygues package but beyond the limited data per month, you have to see the speeds you will get with each operator. 

Each of them offers different speeds, but the actual speed is often much lower than what is said by the operators.

Above all, make sure you have a stable connection. Here, on the other hand, it is much more complicated. This will depend mainly on location because some operators will serve you better than others. This is the most important criterion in choosing your 4G box, to have the most stable connection and the highest possible speed.

The quality of the connection will mainly depend on the proximity of the antennas of this or that operator in your area, the frequency used and the number of users on the antenna.

After that, it will be up to you to do the necessary research to find out which of the operators will be best for you.

Now you should know ​​which carrier to choose for your 4G setup. 

The other solution is to use your phone’s plan to stream. It’s possible, but above all, you’ll burn through the data in your plan at the speed of light. 

So with a good 4G connection and a little luck you can hope to stream in 1080p without too much problem.

Streaming at 720p will be largely doable in the vast majority of cases. 

The Problems With 4G Streaming

The main problem with 4G connections is not the speed which is, for many people, much better than their ADLS condition. 

The real issue is connection stability. Expect frame drops and more frequent connection drops with 4G. 

The other big problem is latency, you are going to have a lot more latency (high ping) on ​​4G than with a regular ADSL connection. 

Normally, it’s not bothersome at all to surf the web or watches Youtube videos, but if you play online games, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

The consumption of data can be ve. If we take a bitrate of 2500 kb/s (which is more than enough) that’s about 1.1 GB per hour. 

If you stream 2 hours a day non-stop, that will take you about 67 GB per month. 

If you are a “big” streamer, there on the other hand it can go quickly: 8 hours per day and we are already at 264 GB per month. 

Of course, you can also lower the quality of your stream to save your data. But it seems clear to me that if you want to seriously stream 4G streaming has its limits. 

Data consumption is therefore very variable and it is up to you to estimate your needs to choose the appropriate plan.

Conclusion: A fallback solution

Saying that you can’t stream in 4G is wrong. Yes, it is possible but it is not ideal. 

For some people, however, it is the only solution available to them and after doing my research, I can tell you that it is quite possible. 

However, I could notice that the result varied quite a bit between streamers. Some say they have no problems, others say their connection is unstable and the stream is horrible to watch. 

Anyway, it seems clear to me that if you want to stream 10 hours a day on Twitch, I have a hard time seeing how you are going to do it with a 4G connection. You will certainly have to sacrifice the quality of the stream or you will have to stream less time if you do not want to burn out your package in 2 weeks. 

For more “casu” streamers, this is a good fallback solution for me. While waiting for a better ADSL connection, or who knows, maybe fiber…

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