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KRK kneels in front of Salman Khan, apologizes and says, ‘Your films review ever…’

KRK apologise to Salman Khan, vows not to review his movies: After messing with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, now Kamal R Khan’s tone has suddenly changed. KRK has apologized to superstar Salman Khan by tweeting on social media. Read tweet.

KRK apologise to Salman Khan: Openly screwing with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is not easy. Now Kamal R Khan aka KRK himself has also understood this. Perhaps this is the reason why KRK’s tone suddenly changed after constantly targeting superstar Salman Khan. Recently, KRK has apologized to film star Salman Khan by tweeting on social media. Not only this, Kamal R Khan also vowed not to review the superstar’s films in his tweet. Now how did this miracle happen? This is not going down the throat of many internet users. However, fans of superstar Salman Khan have definitely started taking jokes from KRK on social media. Not only this, KRK also made it clear that Salman Khan was not behind his arrest. What else did KRK write in his tweet? To know this scroll down and read the full story.

KRK apologizes to Salman Khan

YouTuber and ex-Bigg Boss contestant who calls himself a film critic Kamal R Khan Recently tweeted on social media and said, ‘I want to tell all the media people that Salman Khan was not behind my arrest as I thought. Someone else went from behind to play. brother Salman Khan I apologise. I am sorry to misunderstand you. And I do apologize if I have hurt you in any way. I decide not to review your films by myself.

KRK also freed Karan Johar from charges

Not only this, in the next tweet, KRK has also cleared Karan Johar. He wrote, ‘Many people still think that Karan Johar is behind my arrest. And I say again that Karan Johar has nothing to do with my arrest. Thanks.’

People enjoyed on KRK’s tweet

After these tweets of Kamal R Khan, there has been a flood of comments on social media. Many internet users started asking KRK that who is he then? So many people are commenting and asking whether they got scared. See people’s comments here.

What was the whole matter?

Actually, KRK, while reviewing Salman Khan’s film Radhe, made many comments against the actor alleging corruption and money laundering. Enraged, Salman Khan made a defamation claim against KRK. Since then there was an ongoing fight between the two. After some time, Kamal R Khan was arrested by the police while coming from Dubai to Mumbai. KRK was seriously accused of seeking sexual favors from an actress. After which the police arrested KRK and took him to judicial custody for 14 days. KRK was later released on bail from a Mumbai court. Since then KRK’s arrest was being linked to Salman Khan, Karan Johar and many big Bollywood stars.

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