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Rajiv Sen retaliated on Charu Asopa’s allegations, revealed the secret of affair with Karan Mehra

Rajeev Sen On Charu Asopa: Charu Asopa had accused her husband of cheating. Now Rajiv Sen has also broken his silence on these allegations. Not only this, he has also exposed the affair of Karan Mehra and Charu.

Rajeev Sen On Charu Asopa: The turmoil in the married life of famous TV actress Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen has increased so much that the matter has reached to divorce. Both are not deterred from accusing each other. In the interview given in the last few days Charu Asopa (Charu Asopa) has alleged that Rajiv Sen used to doubt him. Along with this, the actress Rajeev Sen (Rajeev Sen) has also been accused of cheating on her during pregnancy. Now Rajiv Sen’s reaction has also come on these allegations of Charu Asopa. He not only countered the allegations of the wife, but also revealed the affair of her and Karan Mehra.
Rajeev Sen (Rajeev Sen) in an interview to Hindustan Times Charu Asopa (Charu Asopa) of playing the woman card. Talking about this, he said, “He has no proof of the allegations, but his arrogance has increased a bit. I will never forgive Charu for this.” In the interview, Rajiv Sen also called the allegation of raising his hand false. He further said about this, “The trust issue is them, not me. But the person who makes you angry is more dangerous.”
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Rajiv reveals Charu Asopa and Karan Mehra’s affair

Rajiv Sen, while replying to these allegations, also exposed the affair of Charu Asopa and Karan Mehra. He told that Charu Asopa’s mother herself had sent her voice notes, which contained things related to her and Karan Mehra’s affair. Charu made romantic reels with Karan. She is accusing me of cheating.”

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