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Shaleen Bhanot, who got trapped in the house of Bigg Boss 16 by doing gimmicks, Salman Khan and Bigg Boss taught a lesson together

Salman Khan Lash out on Shalin Bhanot: In Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan has fiercely classed Shalin Bhanot. Salman Khan humiliated Shaleen Bhanot in front of everyone. At the same time, Bigg Boss has also told Shaleen Bhanot to be fake.

Salman Khan Lash out on Shalin Bhanot: Bigg Boss 16 in the house of Shalin Bhanot His real face has come in front of everyone. The family members have understood that Shaleen Bhanot is not as straight as she looks…. Now even Bigg Boss and Salman Khan have come to know the reality of Shaleen Bhanot. This is the reason why Salman Khan does not take classes every Friday. Shaleen Bhanot this week too Salman Khan have become a victim of anger. Salman Khan has made Shaleen Bhanot very jealous in front of everyone. In the last episode of Bigg Boss 16 Gautam Vig He had put all the ration of the house at stake in the pursuit of becoming a captain.

After this act of Gautam Vij, the anger of the people of the house erupted. Everyone started taking classes of Gautam Vij. When Salman Khan talked to Shaleen Bhanot about this, he also expressed his displeasure. Shaleen Bhanot said that even if ration comes at the behest of Gautam Vij or even if he is removed from the post of captaincy, he will not eat food now.

Salman Khan furious over Shaleen Bhanot

Seeing Shaleen Bhanot’s attitude, Salman Khan got angry. Salman Khan said that how can you say such things here. Shaleen Bhanot said that he has some medical regions. Salman Khan said don’t do medical therapy. I know all your medical and mental regions. Don’t force me to speak. What you are doing… If there was a little humanity, you could have done a lot. You know what I’m talking about.

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Bigg Boss taught a lesson to Shaleen Bhanot

Shaleen Bhanot did not improve even after having dance with Salman Khan. After some time Shaleen Bhanot was seen asking for chicken from Bigg Boss. During this, Shaleen Bhanot behaved like a psycho. After which Bigg Boss lashed out at Shaleen Bhanot. Bigg Boss said Shaleen Bhanot take your chicken and close your acting audition. Bigg Boss has made it clear by saying that Shaleen Bhanot deliberately does such dramas. Since then, Shaleen Bhanot is on the target of people.

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