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Splitsvilla 14: Roadies winner Kashish Thakur wept bitterly for Urfi Javed, breakup happened in 2 weeks?

Urfi Javed and Kashish Thakur Fight: There has been a lot of ruckus in the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla 14. There has been a fierce fight between Kashish Thakur and Urfi Javed. Along with this, Josuwa also tried to hit a four on the spot in the show.

Splitsvilla 14 Promo: There was a lot of ruckus in MTV’s popular reality show Splitsvilla 14 last week. On the one hand, there was a lot of ruckus in the girls’ villa, while there was a lot of ruckus in the task performing area as well. It’s only been a few weeks since Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani’s show started but by now everyone has shown their true colors. Talking about Sunday’s episode, confusion arose between Urfi Javed and his connection Kashish Thakur and Josuva took advantage of this. After this, Kashish Thakur starts crying bitterly in front of everyone. Also Read – Splitsvilla 14 Promo: Urfi Javed’s enemy gets the most handsome man in the villa? Big twist can come in the show

Arjun Bijlani set fire

In fact, Kashish Thakur could not participate in the task in Sunday’s episode due to his injury. In such a situation, Urfi Javed standing on the beach starts flirting with Josuva in front of everyone before performing the task. On this, Arjun Bijlani gives him a big blow and calls Kashish Thakur as well as the rest of the contestants. Arjun Bijlani works to add fuel to the fire here and tells Kashish Thakur in gestures what was happening in his absence. Josuwa also tries to hit the spot for a four.

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Urfi Javed took the decision of breakup

After knowing the whole thing, Kashish Thakur narrates a lot to Urfi Javed in front of everyone and there is a lot of debate between the two. Kashish gets emotional while talking and says that he really started liking Urfi. Urfi Javed also gets emotional seeing Kashish crying. Although she talks about ending the relationship with Kashish Thakur. For the time being, it has to be seen what will happen next? Will Urfi and Kashish really separate or will there be a solution to their issue? Also Read – Urfi Javed’s step-daughter discovered? Seeing the promo of Splitsvilla 14, people exposed Kashish Thakur

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