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Throwback: Zeenat Aman was publicly mocked by the temperamental prince, took a jibe at his beauty

Actor Rajkumar was quite famous for his arrogance. Once he had publicly insulted Zeenat Aman, the rising actress of that era. Know what that story was in this report of Bollywood Life.

Bollywood’s veteran actor Rajkumar was very famous for his acting as well as for his temper and arrogance. Even today people are crazy about his dialogue delivery and style. Whenever Rajkumar used to speak a dialogue, the cinema halls used to resonate with applause. As much a serious actor as Rajkumar was, he was equally outspoken in real life. There are many such tales related to the life of the prince, which are still stunned to hear. One such incident is also associated with Rajkumar’s famous actress Zeenat Aman of that era.

in the year 1970 zeenat aman (Zeenat Aman) won the title of Miss India, then in the same year she also stepped into the acting world with the film ‘The Evil Within’. However, the 1971 film Hare Rama Hare Krishna proved to be a milestone in Aman’s life. Zeenat’s bold style was well-liked in this film. The song ‘Dum Maro Dum’ from this film was a super hit. During the premiere of this film, actor Rajkumar publicly insulted Zeenat.

At that time the discussion of Zeenat was going on everywhere. It is said that during the premiere of a film, Zeenat Aman Prince was sitting behind. When Zeenat saw the prince, she herself went to meet him. Zeenat must have thought that Rajkumar knew her, but when Rajkumar met Zeenat, he told the actress, “You are very beautiful, why don’t you try films.” Zeenat was completely surprised to hear this from the prince’s mouth.

Entertainment News (Entertainment NewsAccording to reports, the incident was informed by actor Goofy Pental during a conversation with a media platform called Aaj Aur Kal. Goofy had told that it was in front of me, when Rajkumar advised Zeenat to make a career in acting.

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