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Best Gaming PC Build Under 300

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Have you always dreamed of having a Best Gaming PC Build Under 300?

So read this entire article, and we will present you a gaming setup for the modest sum of 300 USD. This gaming build will be complete, and will even include an SSD. Obviously, this configuration will not allow you to play all the latest games in 4K, but it will be more than enough for 720p or even 1080p.

In this article, we will only focus on desktop PCs. We have also created another article dealing with laptops. If your budget is a little bigger, you can take a look at our $400 gaming PC.

Here are the components of our 300$ Gaming PC built.

Best Gaming PC Build Under 300

KindLast nameTo buy
Processor + Graphics ChipsetAMD Ryzen 3200GBuy on Amazon
MotherboardGigabyte GA-B450MBuy on Amazon
RAM8GB of Crucial DDR4 RAMBuy on Amazon
HDDs500GB Seagate (7200rpm)Buy on Amazon
SSDPNY 120GBBuy on Amazon
FeedCorsair VS350 350WBuy on Amazon
HousingAerocool BoltBuy on Amazon

Advantages and disadvantages

As you can see, this Gaming PC has a large number of advantages, starting of course with its quality/price ratio. Indeed, thanks to the AMD Ryzen 3200G, you have to pay around 150 dollars for the processor part as well as the graphics part.

This money-saving is relatively attractive for a computer in this price range. Another significant advantage is the presence of an SSD in the PC. Indeed, in general, gaming setups at a price range of 300 are often only equipped with HDD-type hard drives. However, an SSD turns out to be essential, if only to improve the fluidity of running software.

Here, our gamer configuration includes a 120GB SSD, perfect for installing Windows and some applications (browser for example).

Despite this, it is impossible to have perfect components for 300, which is why concessions had to be made on certain components.

We have therefore chosen to put a non-modular power supply in order to reduce the cost of the latter. A non-modular power supply means that you will not be able to remove and replace the power supply cables as you wish (in order to put only the number of cables necessary) to save space in the case. Here the cables will be defined by default and you will not be able to touch them.

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3200G

Here is the centerpiece of this 300$ gaming PC, the processor. Here I have chosen to put an AMD Ryzen 3200G processor. The big advantage is this processor will integrate a graphics part, which thus replaces the graphics card of our PC. Obviously, for this price, the graphics part remains very limited in terms of performance, but for gaming in 720p or even 1080p, the latter will do its job very well. Moreover, with a budget of only 300€, it is impossible to buy both a graphics card and a processor worthy of the name. Buying an APU like this Ryzen 3200G, therefore, turns out to be the wisest choice

Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-B450M

The motherboard can be considered the brain of your PC, it is she who will ensure the connection between all the components. It will notably accommodate our processor. But beware, not all processors can be installed on all motherboards. Thus, there are two main families of motherboards, which can be compared to their socket: 1151 motherboards and AM4 motherboards. It is the latter that we will choose for our configuration. In fact, AMD processors can only be plugged into socket AM4 motherboards.

Here we have therefore chosen a Gigabyte B450M motherboard. We chose this motherboard mainly for its relatively low price. However, despite the affordable price of this component, it still performs the tasks it has to perform relatively well. So this Gigabyte motherboard will be perfect for our 300€ config , because of its quality/price ratio.

RAM – 8GB DDR4 Crucial

On this 300€ gamer config, we chose to install no less than 8GB of RAM, in DDR4 of course. This amount of memory will allow all video games to run properly. For the RAM, we chose a Crucial brand bar. This brand is recognized in the industry for its manufacturing quality and reliability. The selected memory is clocked at a frequency of 2400MHz. If your budget is more substantial, it could be interesting to switch to 12GB or even 16GB of RAM.

Hard Drive HDD – 500GB Seagate

It is important to have a large hard drive for gaming. Indeed a single game can occupy up to 100GB of disk space. Thus, we have chosen here a 500GB hard drive from the Seagate brand. This HDD will be connected to your motherboard via a SATA cable, while being connected to your computer’s power supply.

This disc has a rotation speed of 7200 rpm, which represents a great advantage compared to discs rotating at 5400 rpm. This higher rotation speed will reduce loading times, as well as the start-up times of your games.


Something quite rare on a 300€ configuration , we have chosen to place an SSD in the config. An SSD is a storage space connected to your motherboard, and which will transmit information much faster than a conventional hard drive. This 120GB SSD will thus be sufficient to install Windows (for a faster PC start-up), as well as some software that does not consume much storage space. The SSD of this PC config is from the PNY brand, a brand once again recognized in the field of computer components. Small precision, this SSD connects in SATA to your motherboard, it is not an Nvme SSD.

Power supply – Corsair 350W

Obviously, a computer cannot run without power. The power supply is the component that will be used to power your entire PC, while being connected to an electrical outlet. The power supply of a PC is not to be neglected, because choosing the wrong power supply could cause voltage problems on certain components, which could cause the component to break.

For this 300€ computer we have chosen a 350W power supply from Corsair. This power supply is more than enough to power our processor. The absence of a dedicated graphics card allowed us to reduce the power of the power supply, and therefore to reduce the cost of the latter. Unfortunately, for budget reasons, we could not choose a modular power supply.

Case – Aerocool Bolt

This is also one of the most important parts of the PC, the case. The case is in a way the body of your computer. This will be used to assemble all your components together. There are boxes for all budgets, and which will therefore be more or less sophisticated. Here we have chosen the Aerocool Bolt case, which is a benchmark for entry-level cases. This case will allow you to install up to 6 fans in 120mm format and also offers USB 3.0 ports on the front panel. This case only costs 30€, which makes it one of the entry-level cases with the best quality/price ratio, thus giving it its place in our 300€ gaming PC .

The performance of the PC Gamer at 300€

This is probably one of the parts that interests you the most: the performance of our $300 gaming PC. Since this computer is made for gamers, we have listed the performance obtained in games with this PC. So here are the benchmarks:

  • On Destiny 2, our PC averages 43 FPS at 1080p with graphics on “medium”
  • PUBG runs pretty well with 60fps on average, all at 1080p with average graphics on most graphics options.
  • World War Z climbs to around 82 FPS, with graphics alternating between “low” and “medium” depending on the graphics options, all at 1080p again.
  • For Honor meanwhile has a little more trouble, since the game struggles to exceed 39 fps with graphics oscillating between medium and low. For this benchmark the resolution is 1920*1080 pixels and vertical synchronization disabled.
  • The hugely popular Overwatch runs relatively well with an average of 84 FPS at 1080p. This performance is achieved by setting most graphics options to a minimum.

Thus, the performance obtained is very good for a PC of this budget. If you are looking for a benchmark for a more specific game, I invite you to type “Ryzen 3400G” followed by the name of the game to observe the performance of our processor on the desired game.

You now have all the cards in hand to buy a gaming PC for 300€!

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